How to Teach Your Boston Terrier to Fetch the Remote (Step by Step)

Ever wished you could just have your Boston Terrier fetch the remote for you? Well, with patience and perseverance, you can make your dream a reality.

Teaching your dog to fetch the remote is a great way to keep them active, entertained, and engaged.

Boston Terrier Remote

Let’s explore how to make this happen in detail.

Teach Your Boston Terrier To Fetch The Remote

Teaching your Boston Terrier to fetch the remote is a great way to bond and connect! Not only will it help your dog with a new mental stimulation game, but it will also help you in the long run.

No more scrambling around when you need to grab the remote for your favorite show – just ask your pal to fetch it!

Your Boston Terrier can quickly become an indispensable part of family life if they know some essential commands, like fetching the remote :). It’s a win-win situation.

Step by Step: How to teach your Boston to fetch the remote.

Step 1: Start by teaching basic commands.

Before attempting any more complex tasks, it’s important that your Boston has mastered some of the basics. This means teaching them how to sit, stay, come, and lie down on command. Being able to recall these commands will be key when it comes time for training them on how to fetch the remote.

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Step 2: Begin training with an object that is similar in size but not exactly like the remote.

Choose something such as a small toy or another small object that won’t break if dropped or thrown around. Place this item near your Boston and say “fetch!”

As soon as they pick up the item in their mouth, reward them with verbal praise or a treat, so they know they are doing something right. Repeat this several times until they understand what “fetch” means.

Step 3: Larger objects and add some distance.

Once they understand what “fetch” means with one object, move to objects that are slightly bigger, like a rolled-up sock or balled-up towel. Place these items further away each time you give the command so that your dog has to walk further each time they bring back the item requested (this will help strengthen their muscles too).

Again, repeat this several times until they get used to retrieving larger items from different places in your home.

Step 4: Fetch the Remote.

Now you can move on to teaching them how to retrieve the remote specifically (in other words – graduating from sock fetching 101!). Place the remote near your pup and say “fetch remote!”

If needed, guide them towards it with gentle hand gestures or by pointing at it first before giving the command if needed for visual guidance at first.

As always, reward them with verbal praise or treats each time they complete this task correctly until they understand what you want from them every time you give this specific command!

Video – Dog Fetching Remote

Watch this awesome video where a dog fetches the remote. This is what you’re striving to do with your Boston!

Tips For Teaching Your Dog to Fetch The Remote

Be patient. Teaching a complex task like fetching the remote isn’t something that happens overnight – it takes lots of practice and repetition to master!

Make sure they understand basic commands before you move on to more complex tasks, such as fetching the remote. This will make teaching them easier in the long run.

Use positive reinforcement when teaching your dog. Rewarding them with verbal praise or treats when they do something correctly will help to encourage and motivate them.

Have fun! Training should be enjoyable for you and your pup – make sure to keep things lighthearted while you’re teaching them how to fetch the remote.

Final Thoughts

Teaching your Boston Terrier how to fetch the remote may take some practice but remember that all good things take time! With consistent effort and positive reinforcement along with plenty of patience, eventually, your pup will master this skill – plus, it’s an awesome bonding experience. Good luck!

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