Virtual Dog Training Q&A: Interview With K9 Virtual Academy

Have you ever wanted to train your dog professionally, but you don’t have the time? Well, you’re in luck. There is now an option to train your dog professionally, thanks to the K9 Virtual Academy. 

I recently had the chance to interview Mary Beth, the owner of the K9 Virtual Academy, to talk about her training program and how it works.

Mary Beth the owner of K9 Virtual Academy

Who Is Mary Beth?

Mary Beth is someone who has extensive knowledge regarding dogs and their behavior. Following her passion, Mary Beth holds a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Animal Sciences with a focus on puppy development and behavior. She has taught many canine classes over the years. 

Also, Mary Beth raises companion dogs for Canine Companions for Independence, she has been doing this with her husband since 2001.

Why Create An Online Dog Training Program?

After Mary Beth realized how busy life was for her, especially with three kids, she had an epiphany. Nearly everyone these days are busy. It is hard for people to commit to anything that is not a priority. And sometimes, dog training is at the bottom of the list, but it is important. 

It was from this realization that Mary Beth decided to create a flexible program that can help dog owners train their pets on their own time.

Here is my conversation with Mary Beth…

K9 Virtual Academy Podcast Interview

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What We Talked About On The Podcast

  • Please tell me about K-9 Virtual Academy?
    1. What is it…
    2. How does it work…
    3. What motivated you to create K-9 Virtual Academy?
    4. Who is the ideal client…
    5. What type of training philosophy do you use?
  • What tips do you have for people hiring a dog trainer in general?
    1. Are there questions people should ask…
    2. Are there credentials one should have…
    3. Are there red flags to be aware of…
  • Are you taking on new clients? What is the process for someone to get on your schedule for training?

Contact Information For Mary Beth & K9 Virtual Academy

Mary Beth’s Email:

K9 Virtual Academy: Facebook Page

Virtual Dog Training Q&A: Interview With K9 Virtual Academy

Final thoughts…

Online virtual training for your dog is really ideal for anyone. Even if you have done training in the past, you could benefit from this type of training. Especially if you have seen a regression in your dog. I personally have seen a regression in Bella since we had trained her two years ago.

Also, if you are someone who has a pretty busy schedule, this type of dog training is ideal for you. You can train your dog on your own terms with the guidance of a real expert. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode on the podcast. If you have someone in mind, I should interview, please reach out to me via the contact form to let me know, contact me here. Thanks for your support!

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