Why Get A Boston Terrier? 50 Reason’s These Owners Did

Are you thinking about getting a Boston Terrier, but want some reassurance? After conducting a survey of 50 Boston owners here are their reasons for getting a Boston. Hopefully, these answers can help you with the questions, why get a Boston Terrier? 

I decided not to edit the answers, other than grammar. This way you can see true responses from real people.

Me, Bella, and Sofia.

For the complete survey results check out, Boston Terrier Owners Survey.

50 Reasons These Owners Bought A Boston Terrier

1. I fell in love with the breed.

2. I liked the size of the breed but also that they were sturdy and could play a bit more aggressive than other small dogs.

3. Tanner is our 5th Boston and the only breed that we would have and they are like family and they are love babies and we Love Them. ❤

4. We wanted a Boxer but didn’t have space.

5. We wanted a friend for our other Boston Delwood.

6. I don’t know I’ve always liked them. It was 10 years ago. 

7. Friends got two from litter.  He was the last one, so we said what the hell.

8. Good with kids, short hair, doesn’t shed, energetic, independent. 

9. Did research that they were good with children and that they were full of personality and affectionate.

10. Affectionate loving pets with character. 

11. Temperament, size, no barking, trainability.

12. I researched Boston’s and it fitted perfectly with my lifestyle. I take them both everywhere, by plane car boat, to work, their size allows me to always be with them, and especially for their character.

13. My wife surprised me with Moonpie as a pup.

14. Peanut was a gift from my ex.

15. Researched it, no shedding or dander.

16. Love the breed.

17. We fell in love with their look and what we had read about the breed.

18. Because my son gave me that cutie puppy I was melting for her. 

19. Researched the breed – size, low maintenance (grooming), personality.

20. Very sweet and comical.

21. We researched smaller dogs as we have a small house (big yard) and their temperament seemed right. When I saw my first puppy I was hooked.

22. Company for my first – good plan.

23. Size hypoallergenic good with people.

24. Researched a lot of different breeds and felt a Boston would suit us. 

25. 3rd generation in family to own a Boston.

26. A small dog that loves water, can be left indoors for long periods. 

27. I always wanted a Boston.

28. Love the breed.

29. This is my 2nd Boston and I loved my first one.

30. Broke up with my ex and he kept our Bernese mountain dog. I grew up with dogs and didn’t see myself without one so I did lots of research for smaller breeds and fell in love with the Boston Terriers. Been told the breed would be too energetic for me, but I didn’t listen got my dog and no regrets! She gave me the boost I needed, and we are inseparable xD.

31. We’ve had 2 before Milo and loved them!

32. This is my second Boston. I chose them first because their temperament and lifestyle fits with mine well. I like active fun dogs that are short hair, easy to train, and also cuddles. 

33. My dad wanted one because his dad always wished to have one.

34. He needed a home and was so darn cute.

35. Size and personality traits.

36. I wanted a fun, energetic, loving family dog. 

37. Always liked them.

38. He was given to us.

39. They are low maintenance, easy to train, great with kids and loyal, loving, funny dogs.

40. They are cute and seemed like fun.

41. Don’t have to worry about hair everywhere and doesn’t drool. Great with kids.

42. Even though I did not buy Roxie, I did purchase my first Boston Terrier for $250.00 in 1989. Someone gave us a BT while I was in high school and from that experience, I fell in love with the breed. All of my other BTs have been rescues.

43. Small size, friendly with kids, active but not too much.

44. We loved the look of Boston’s and luckily they suited our lifestyle. 

45. I always wanted a Boston since I was a kid, never even considered any other breed.

46. I just always liked there looks and energy.

47. Had big dogs my entire life, never wanted a small dog. I went to a breeder and was blown away at how cute and cuddly they were. No way was I leaving without one.

48. Great personality. Easy to train. 

49. My favorite breed.

Only 49 Responses

Ok, this was only 49 reasons. There was one person who had multiple Boston’s and filled out the survey twice for each Boston. Their answer to this question happened to be the same. In order to deliver on the 50 as promised here is why Emily and I got Bella…

We had been researching different dogs for a month or so. Emily wanted a small shed less dog. I wanted a dog I could run with. We ended up deciding to get a Boston because they are a “larger” small dog that I could run with. Plus, Boston’s shed less than other types of dogs and has a great personality. 

Although I wanted a dog I could take running, Bella has only been running with me three times in the last decade. So much for a plan.

Final thoughts…

There are a number of reasons to get a Boston Terrier. However, each person needs to come up with their own motivations for making a big decision on getting a new dog. Hopefully, these responses helped you with your analysis.

If you would like the complete survey results check them out here, Boston Terrier Owners Survey.

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Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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