The Adventures Of Bootsy The Boston with Sean C. Wright

If you are looking for a good children’s book you need to check out The Adventures Of Bootsy The Boston. This book is all about the adventures of Spike a real-life Boston Terrier who had passed away in 2017.

I recently was able to ask Sean C. Wright, the author, some questions about her book. The interview covers everything from what inspired her to write this book, the message she wanted to convey, as well as other books she has also written. 

The Adventures Of Bootsy The Boston with Sean C. Wright

Here is the interview…

What is your book about? 

The Adventures of Bootsy The Boston is based on my late Boston Terriers adventures, Spike. Spike’s adventures are all true. And it is our way of immortalizing him.

What inspired you to write “The Adventures of Bootsy”? 

Our dear Boston Terrier, Spike, who passed away in 2017. He came into my life when my husband, Jason (He illustrated the book), and I started dating in 2008. My husband grew up with those dogs. 

The Adventures Of Bootsy The Boston with Sean C. Wright
Our sweet Spike.

Spike, in true Boston fashion, received me with open arms. We became fast friends. I loved giving him treats & toys, and he was spoiled like crazy with toys & treats. Spike was my buddy! We had a blast. 

Spike was a handsome “halfsie,” meaning he didn’t have the traditional, white “Mohawk” many Boston Terriers have. His left eye area was nearly all white, and he had a perfect white triangle on his back. 

Rarely barking, Spike was also a gentleman in a dog’s body. He was content to just lie on a cushion in the room with you. If you were busy, he would politely wait until you were done. 

You couldn’t ask for a better dog while you were away from home. We’d just turn the TV to Animal Planet, and he’d watch it contentedly until we returned. We never came home to shredded pillows or chewed-up shoes.

What was the hardest part of writing this book? 

The hardest part was digging up all those old memories of our boy, Spike. But it made me and my husband happy to reminisce, too. 

Was there a message you wanted your readers to understand? 

I wanted to share Spike’s sweet, fun-loving spirit with the world. All while teaching young people about the pros and cons of having a pet. I’m a writer, and my husband is a prolific graphic designer, so we knew we’d do Spike justice.

All my children’s books have a Question & Answer section at the end to stimulate children’s critical thinking skills.

Would you change anything in this book? 

Not a thing. Spike was the picture-perfect subject.

How many books have you written? 

I’ve written eight books in total: four children’s books, two young adult fiction books, and two adult fiction books. I’m taking a break now. I released Bootsy the Boston in the spring, and a young adult book in the summer, Skoll’s Diary. It has been a busy year!

How long have you been an author? 

I started writing stories when I was eight but didn’t get published until I was thirty-eight. Writing is one of those things you do, evidently, because you love it. 

Those who have been creating for years without recognition are usually starving creative individuals. Starving creative people are generally one of these three types, artists, writers, and musicians. But we have a lot of fun!

Sean C. Wright

Where can readers connect with you? 

Please hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or check out my website.

Where can people buy your book? 

On Amazon. Here’s the link to my author page, Sean C. Wright.

Check out the book on Amazon for both a hardback or Kindle version here, The Adventures of Bootsy The Boston

Bootsy the Boston Totes. Of course, Turbo had to help me take the pictures.

Do you own a dog today after losing Spike?

Turbo our little shoe thief.

Yes, our new Boston Terriers’ name is Turbo. He came to us a few months after Spike passed. He eased our grief. Turbo is an affectionate 4-year-old, but a wild child. He keeps life interesting and fun, as all Boston Terriers do.

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