5 Reasons Boston Terriers Are Amazing Dogs For Seniors

They’re cute and certainly popular enough, but are Boston Terriers a good dog breed for those in their golden years? 

Many dog organizations seem to think so!

Boston Terrier looking at the camera.
Bella the Boston Terrier.

Nylabone has ranked Boston Terriers as number five on their top ten best dog breeds for seniors list. Citing their incredibly friendly and dapper nature as a primary reason. 

Similarly, ViveHealth ranked Boston Terriers as number four on their best dog breeds for seniors list for their amusing and easy-going nature.

Let’s break down five big reasons you should consider this pint-sized dog breed for some of the best years of your life!

Are Boston Terriers Good Dogs For Seniors

Yes, Boston’s are great dogs for seniors for many reasons. Boston’s are a companion breed, low maintenance breed, friendly to all, small but sturdy, happy to cuddle and go on walks.

We will cover each topic in a little more depth.

Boston Terrier with its family.
Donnie, Sofia, and Bella.

1) Boston Terriers Are A Companion Breed

Explicitly bred as companions, the Boston is a prime example of a versatile and social dog breed that will be there for you. 

Many dog breeds are created with a specific job in mind, such as sheep herding. The Boston Terrier has an essential job – being there for you, no matter what!

Boston Terriers are perfect companions that will be happy being a couch potato with you or going out for a brisk walk. 

They are cheerful, enthusiastic, and cute as can be, which provides a lot of joy!

2) Low Maintenance Routine

Another benefit of owning a dog is the increase in self-discipline and a set routine. Dogs need to be fed regularly, taken out, and cared for, which creates a routine for someone who may not have a lot of structure in their life or if they feel unuseful.

As part of many dogs’ routines, they may require a lot of grooming to be maintained. 

With many dog breeds, your home may require a good deal of additional cleaning to keep your floors from being furry as well, which can be a lot of work.

Boston Terriers are a sleek, short-haired dog breed that sheds minimally. 

At MOST, Boston’s require weekly brushing, and their nails clipped occasionally to keep them from growing to a painful length.

This makes them an excellent choice for people looking to keep maintenance minimal while still enjoying the benefits of a dog and routine. 

3) Friendly To All

Seniors can struggle with meeting new people and feeling lonely after many life changes, such as children moving out or retirement, which can affect how often they go out. 

Boston Terriers are not only highly friendly with their owners, but they are great for meeting new people. 

Just by taking your Boston on a short walk or to the dog park, you’re opening yourself up to bump into people wanting to pet your dog who has an award-winning grin! 

Owning a Boston is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to neighbors. Plus, make your grandkids even sadder to go home after spending a wonderful day with you and your goofy “American Gentleman” dog.

Boston Terriers are also generally friendly towards anyone they meet. This includes children and strangers, making them comfortable dogs to take to the park or introduce to anyone visiting you. 

If you have other pets, Boston Terriers are usually friendly towards other animals too. 

Spend a day with a Boston Terrier, and you’ll see soon enough that this dog’s energy and joy is infectious to anyone they meet!

Boston Terrier playing with tennis ball.
Bella playing with her tennis ball.

4) Small In Size, Big In Heart 

Described as compact and portable, Boston Terriers typically weigh around 10 to 25 pounds. 

This makes them ideal for seniors who may be unable to pick up a heavy or long dog. 

Smaller dog breeds are also more versatile for a variety of living spaces, such as apartments or assisted living homes. 

This small size does not take away from their irresistible charm and a big heart! 

Boston Terriers are a very empathetic breed that will genuinely be there to comfort you and celebrate life with you. 

5) Happy To Cuddle Or Take A Walk

While energetic and chipper dogs, Boston Terriers are equally excited being cuddle bugs and napping near you throughout the day.

If you’re concerned about a dog breed that requires intense exercise, a large backyard, or owning a dog that won’t be content as a lap dog, don’t worry! 

What type of activity is needed to maintain a Boston’s health?

Boston Terriers are low maintenance in their need for work, exercise, and are happy as long as you’re around. 

A Boston Terrier needs anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour of exercise each day. Boston’s tend to be better with short sprints of activity, as they easily overheat, and are more inclined towards agility activities rather than long runs. 

Taking your Boston for a walk and throwing a ball around will help fulfill these exercise needs.

The American Kennel Club places the Boston Terrier breed as a dog breed needing regular, but not large amounts of exercise.

Overall, short spurts of daily exercise, whether that’s playing with toys or a short walk, is typically enough for this social breed. 

Boston terrier relaxing in the sun.
Bella relaxing in the sun.

Dogs, in general, can improve your health according to AARP.

AARP recommends people over the age of 50 specifically get a dog. This is because dog owners are found to have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and a decreased risk of heart attack! 

Not only does a Boston Terrier provide companionship, but they are also likely to improve your physical health and prevent loneliness. 

Other Things To Consider

A dog, in general, is a serious commitment. Here are a few things to consider when looking at the dapper Boston Terrier breed: 

  • If you’re concerned about not being able to keep up with a Boston Terrier physically, we recommend looking at older dogs. Puppies, while adorable, are more high maintenance in both training and exercise needs, so an adult or mature Boston might be an excellent fit for you! 
  • Also, consider if you want to adopt or purchase a Boston Terrier. There are pros and cons to both, but the cost will undoubtedly be less if you adopt and you’ll make all the difference in that dog’s life! (Here is an article we wrote about how to adopt a Boston Terrier, this was an interview with the Vice President of the Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue.)
  • Boston Terriers are very sensitive to heat and cold. If you live somewhere that is very hot or cold consider alternative ways you can exercise them. This could include indoor exercise or taking them on walks at different times of day to accommodate their temperature sensitivity. 
Boston Terrier cuddling.
Bella cuddling.

Wrap Up

If you choose a Boston Terrier to be your friend during your golden years, we think you’ve chosen well! 

Between their infectious spirit, kind nature, easy maintenance, and compact size, these dogs have so many great attributes for anyone considering them, especially someone in their senior years. 

It can be incredibly difficult to suddenly have an empty nest or to be retired and lose your routine. Having a playful, loving dog around can be incredibly mood lifting. 

Let a Boston Terrier in, and you won’t regret bringing this ball of sunshine into your life! 

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Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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