Introducing Your Boston Terrier to a New Bed (Step by Step)

Does your Boston Terrier need a new bed? It can be tricky introducing your pup to a new sleeping space.

But with these easy steps, helping your pup transition from an old bed to a new one will be as smooth as possible!

Boston Terrier sleeping in her bed

New Bed Training For Your Boston Terrier

Step 1: Select the Right Bed

When selecting a new bed for your Boston, make sure it’s the right size. The last thing you want is for them to outgrow their bed in just a couple of months. A good rule of thumb is that the bed should be at least 2-3 times bigger than their body length.

This way, they’ll have plenty of room to move around and get comfortable on their own terms. If you get a large enough bed, your Boston Terrier can grow into it over time!

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Watch this video where I talk about the beds we have used for my Boston Terrier, Bella.

Step 2: Make it Cozy!

Once you have the perfect size, it’s time to make it cozy and inviting. You can add blankets or pillows that smell like home – this could be anything from an old t-shirt you’ve worn recently or something special you picked up at the store.

Your Boston will love having something familiar in their space! Then, if possible, try to place the bed in an area where they can have some peace and quiet when they need it – like near a window or in their favorite spot in the house. That way they’ll feel safe and secure while getting used to the new spot.

With Bella, we have placed her bed in the central location of the main floor of our house the formal dining room. It is a quite place in the corner that is just hers.

Step 3: Take It Slow

When introducing your Boston to the new bed for the first time, start slow by placing treats or toys on top of it so that they associate being on the bed with positive things.

Once they become comfortable with being near and even sitting on top of their new sleeping space, then you can encourage them to take naps there by giving them treats or cuddles each time they go back for more snoozing action!

With patience and positive reinforcement, soon enough your pup will be enjoying all of those cozy naps on their brand-new bed!

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Final Thoughts

Helping your Boston Terrier adjust to a new sleeping space doesn’t have to be hard work – just follow these three simple steps!

By selecting the right size, making it cozy with familiar smells and items that remind them of home, and taking it slow while rewarding good behavior along the way – you’ll have your pup settled into their brand-new bed in no time!

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