21 Surprisingly Easy Ways To P!$% Off A Boston Terrier!

Boston Terriers are one of the most lovable dog breeds on the planet. They are friendly, playful, and make great pets.

However, there are some things that can easily make them mad.

If you want to see a Boston Terrier turn into a little Tasmanian Devil in two seconds flat, just try one of these ten super easy ways to make them mad 😡 ! lol

Ways To Make Your Boston Terrier Mad

Before we get into the ways to make your Boston Terrier mad, I first want to cover the important information like whether it is possible for Bostons to get mad, and do they easily get mad.

Is it possible for Boston Terriers to get mad?

Yes, but not in the way you think. According to an article by PetMD, dogs do get angry but not in the traditional human since. Dogs do not stew in anger at someone. Our furry friends simply live in the moment and what looks like anger to us is actually a more basic emotion like joy, fear, or anxiety.

Do Boston Terriers get mad easily?

No, Boston Terriers are not known for getting mad. In fact, we did two separate surveys in the Boston Terrier Society Twitter and YouTube Community, asking this very question. In both polls, amazingly, 73% of respondents said their Boston Terrier does not get mad easily.

YouTube – With 252 votes 73% of respondents said their Boston Terrier does not get mad easily.

Twitter – With 65 votes in counting 73% of respondents said their Boston Terrier does not get mad easily.

While this breed is not known for getting made, here are 21 ways to easily make them upset!

Enjoy! 🤣

21 Easy Ways To Make A Boston Terrier Mad

If you’ve owned a Boston Terrier for more than a year, then I’m sure you have experienced an upset Boston when one of these things happens.

1. Vacuum the house

Vacuuming is one of the most common causes of Boston Terrier anger. The sound, movement, and sensation of the vacuum cleaner can cause your Boston to become agitated and lash out. Boston Terriers can also become distressed if they feel threatened by the vacuum in any way or if they are startled by the sudden noise.

Watch this video of a Boston getting upset about the vacuum…

2. Give them a bath

Boston Terriers are not fans of baths, especially if it’s an unexpected one.

Watch this video of a Boston getting upset when given a bath…

3. Tell them a story and include the word BATH!

Even using the word bath can upset a Boston Terrier. Watch this video where Lily tells her Boston Daisy a story. Daisy loves the story all the way up until she mentions they took a bath. This is a must-watch!

4. Show affection to your spouse

Any affection shown toward someone else will come with a price.

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5. Refuse to Play Fetch

One of the quickest ways to make a Boston Terrier mad is to refuse to play fetch with them. If you want to make your Boston really mad, try playing fetch with another dog instead of them.

Watch this Boston not give up until he gets to play fetch!…

6. Ignore Them When They Want Your Attention

Another way to make a Boston Terrier mad is to ignore them when they are trying to get your attention. Bostons are very social dogs that crave human interaction, so they will get upset if you are constantly ignoring them. If you want to make your Boston Terrier even madder, try giving all of your attention to another pet or family member instead of them.

Here is a video of a Boston not getting enough attention…

7. Take Their Toys Away or Sock 😉

Boston Terriers love their toys, so taking them away can be a quick way to anger them. If you want to make your Boston Terrier livid, try taking away their favorite toy and replacing it with something that they don’t like as much.

Watch this video of a Boston not wanting to give up their toy sock…

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8. Leave Them Alone for Too Long

Bostons are social creatures that do not like being left alone for extended periods of time.

Watch this video of what happened when I left Bella home for too long by herself!…

9. Don’t Give Them Treats

Another way to make a Boston mad is to withhold treats from them. Bostons love treats, and if you don’t give them any, they will definitely be upset.

This Boston, Calvin, can not be denied treats…

10. Get Them Wet

This depends on your individual Boston, but some Boston Terriers hate getting wet, so if you spray them with water or otherwise get them wet, they will definitely be mad at you.

11. Don’t Feed Them At The Exact Same Time Everyday

My Boston Terrier Bella knows when she gets fed, at 7:00 am and 3:30 pm each day. If I miss this time, even by a minute, she lets me know about it!

Watch this Boston get mad because there is not enough food in its bowl!…

12. Be on your phone when they need you

Boston Terriers are always there for us—just when we need them! They’re never too busy to lend a comforting head nudge or tail wagging. But, getting lost in our phones is like waving a red flag in front of a bull to them; they may not understand why you are so wrapped up in “essential” binge-worthy iPhone time when their snuggles and love await you.

Here is what happens when you are on your phone and your Boston needs you…

13. Play with another dog

Bostons don’t joke around when it comes to their fierce loyalty, and you’d be wise not to forget that! If you are ever caught playing with another pup, beware of the wrath of your furry friend, who will likely scowl and grumble the entire time.

It almost feels like they know exactly what’s going on, as if they can sense that it wasn’t them receiving all the attention, and they aren’t happy about it. Boston Terriers are indeed loyal – loyally jealous!

14. Point at them

This came up a few times in the Facebook survey that parents could simply point at their Boston to make them mad, so if you have a Boston that doesn’t like to be called out, pointing at them will definitely make them upset.

15. Touch their little nub tails

Beware of Boston terrier tails! While these curious and playful dogs may look as sweet as can be, getting too close to their tails will send them into a furry frenzy. From the initial shock of being touched to the outrage, touching a Boston terrier’s tale is tantamount to committing canine treason. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your pup irate, this would be an excellent way to do it.

Watch Samuel, my son, touch Bella’s little nub tail…

16. Leave for work

Dogs truly have a unique way of expressing their sadness when you prepare to leave, and the Boston takes this concept to an entirely new level – from ones longing stare to a heart-breaking whimper, it’s almost as if they know something important is happening and they don’t want any part of it. This fur baby may easily get mad at you if you walk out the door, but all that sass comes with unconditional love so make sure to give your Boston Terrier some extra loving before leaving each day.

17. Clip their nails

Clipping a Boston Terrier’s nails comes with great peril. While it may seem like an easy task, these pups have no qualms about voicing their frustration at being put to the clippers – and trust me when we say you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that!

Despite their smaller size, they can make some surprisingly loud noises as you’re trying to clip those tiny nails. So beware – your dog may write you off as a frenemy if you tackle this job without having taken some precautions.

18. Break their treats in half

If you’ve ever tested a Boston terrier’s patience by not giving them the whole treat they were expecting, you know that it can lead to some serious frustration.

“Hey, no one likes to be lied to!”

So if you really want to test how mad they can get, go ahead and break that treat in half and stand back — the result just might surprise you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

19. Put them in the crate

Putting a Boston terrier in a crate may seem like the obvious solution for when you have to leave your pup alone, but it really is an easy way to get on their bad side…and I mean really bad!

If giving your dog the cold shoulder was an art form, Boston Terriers would be Pablo Picasso of passive aggression. Sure, anytime you put any dog in a crate, it is going to make them mad; however, when it comes to Bostons, their level of pouty-ness supersedes anything you’ve ever seen before.

20. Tell them no

If you want to make your Boston Terrier mad, just tell them something they don’t want to hear, NO. It’s as easy as that!

21. Put clothes on them

Have you ever tried putting clothes on your Boston Terrier and watched her fume in anger?

If so, you know how instantly your pup can switch from the calmest canine to the most livid of lap dogs. It’s like a switch was flipped – one second she’s contentedly napping on her blanket, the next she’s thrashing around violently trying to rip off the outfit you just put on her.

All dog owners should remember that no matter how cute it might be, your Boston terrier won’t take too kindly to having clothes put on them!

Bonus: Pet the cat

If you’re giving affection to animals other than your Boston, be prepared for anger!

What makes your Boston Terrier mad?

In order to come up with some great original content for this article, I asked the Boston Terrier Society’s Facebook community for some insight on the question, what makes your Boston mad?

Here is what they had to say.

What are signs that your Boston is mad at you?

Here are signs your Boston Terrier might be mad at you.

  • Show its displeasure by growling or barking at you – your Boston may bark or growl when they are angry or feeling threatened. It’s their way of telling you to back off and leave them alone.
  • Your Boston may hide from you when they are mad – dogs will often hide if they are feeling threatened or scared. This is their way of communicating that they do not like what’s going on and would rather be left alone.
  • Your Boston may show signs of aggression – signs of aggression include growling, lunging, snarling and baring teeth.
  • Your pup may refuse to obey commands – dogs may disobey orders when they are mad or feeling threatened. They may run away from you or ignore your commands entirely.
  • Your Boston may show signs of stress – Boston Terriers may start to pant and become anxious if they are mad. This is a sign that they need some space and may not be in the mood for cuddles or play.
  • Your dog may shut down – Bostons may become unresponsive and withdrawn if they are mad. They may refuse to look you in the eye or even move away from you.
  • Destructive behavior – Boston Terriers may become destructive if they are mad or feeling frustrated. This can include chewing on furniture, digging holes in your garden, and shredding paper.

What dog breeds get mad easily?

While it is hard to say which breeds get mad easily, some are more likely to display this trait than others. Breeds like Chihuahuas, Akitas and Cocker Spaniels can have short tempers, often due to their territorial nature.

Final Thoughts

We hoped you liked these funny ways to make your Boston Terrier mad! If you want to learn more about this breed, check out this article, 10 Things Boston Terriers Hate…this article was compiled by using survey data from the Boston Terrier Society’s Facebook Community.

Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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