What 36 Boston Terrier Owners Would Like To Share With You

If you are thinking about getting a Boston Terrier here is what 36 owners had to say about these lovable dogs. I surveyed 50 Boston Terrier owners in August of 2019 asking several different questions ranging from how much did your Boston cost to what do they eat. 

The most important question I asked to help would be Boston owners is this…

What 36 Boston Terrier Owners Would Like To Share With You. Boston Terrier Society.
Me (Donnie) and Bella eating watermelon.

Anything you would like to share?

This one question allowed the owners to say whatever they felt about their Boston without any guidance or direction. Also, this is one of the few questions that was not required to finish the survey; this is why there are only 36 responses. Hopefully, these little Boston Terrier facts will help you in deciding whether or not to get a Boston Terrier. Or if you already have a Boston maybe you can relate to these owners. Here are their responses.

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Boston Terrier Owner Responses

  1. Even if Boston’s have health issues, both of mine, the love they give me and the fun we have I would do it all over again.
  2. My Boston often approaches people very quickly and sometimes scares people. He isn’t aggressive but comes on very strong and will jump up. We can’t seem to break that habit.
  3. She is the best dog ever!
  4. Love that Boston’s don’t shed and are so sweet.
  5. Smart but stubborn breed. Very affectionate and love to cuddle. They can be trained to do almost anything as long as you’re consistent in your discipline. 
  6. I think if you have another pet like a cat and bring a Boston puppy home to it, they would get along. They are very social with other dogs/pets. 
  7. I have two of them. Educating the daughter was and still is a little bit harder because the mother steals her toys all the time and leaves her with no choice but to sometimes destroy things. She is getting there!  I had to change the approach with her! 
  8. They are adorable, smart, and wonderful animals!!!
  9. I had a long weekend off when we brought him home as a puppy. Every time he played, slept, ate, drank, or got excited I had to take him outside. He has never gone to the bathroom in the house in 5 years. He used to spit up some until we got him the “more expensive” food. Now he is perfect. He confuses playful dogs as aggressive when they meet on a walk and seems to try to defend himself.
  10. I have two Boston’s. Puppy is 13 months old, and she does chew.
  11. My Boston’s traits have changed as she has aged. She was never aggressive toward other dogs till age 3 ½.
  12. Boston Terriers are the kindest, brave, intelligent, and lovable dogs. 
  13. I just bought a second one as we love the breed so much.
  14. Ladybug is very animated, a bit of a diva, and responds to you with facial expressions as if she’s just about to talk. Super smart 🙂
  15. I have two Bostons, and both have entirely different quirks, but they have the Boston personalities that are just so “Boston” – how they play/ guard dog mentality and think they are bigger than they are.  
  16. My dogs’ personalities complement each other. The female is dominant, and my male is more passive. It’s a good mix.
  17. She snores bad, but I love her so much I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.
  18. Esme, my Boston, suffers from epilepsy.
  19. They are goofy cute and will win your heart.
  20. Judge my Boston is almost blind. Edema of the cornea (common in Breed) and juvenile cataracts. Three eye drops three times a day is required. He is a crazy loud snorter and for bad vision gets around great using the doggie door all the time. He is also my third Boston. He is a bit aggressive because of his vision. I can open the front door, and he runs out going from tree to tree then along curb back inside. He is a crack up.
  21. My baby is the most lovable!!  
  22. Boston’s are the best!
  23. Buster does not like men that smell of beer and tries to kill larger dogs, even if in a group. 
  24. The sweetest, most friendly breed. I plan to always own one!
  25. Even though he was easy to train, he is still very stubborn. You need to be patient and consistent. He was 6 when we got him, and he easily adapted to our home and lifestyle. We had trouble teaching him not to run away when a door is opened. He finally learned, but I’ve never completely trusted him and always watch when we open the door.
  26. Boston’s are hands down the greatest dog under 25 pounds. 
  27. Once you’ve had a Boston Terrier, you fall in love with the breed & oftentimes they become your chosen breed for life. 
  28. We truly love her.
  29. Bella is family ❤️
  30. They snore, too!
  31. He became very attached to us and we to him, he brought new moments of family happiness.
  32. Although Jasper is aggressive with some dogs, this is usually only larger dogs, and even then it’s not all large dogs. He doesn’t usually chew stuff but will chew if left alone for too long, which is rare. 
  33. Luna barks at all strangers, including children, so I said she was aggressive to humans. However, she doesn’t attack or bite but acts very aggressively. Once she knows you, she is very friendly. 
  34. I have 3 Bostons.
  35. Mine loves to run and play and needs lots of exercise. Also, he likes to sleep under the blankets in our bed, and he hates winter.
  36. The smartest and most loyal dog I’ve ever had.

Final thoughts…

I hoped this article helped you in your decision of getting a Boston Terrier. Yes, this breed is stubborn and gassy, but they are totally worth it. Emily and I have owned Bella for over a decade now. I couldn’t imagine having another breed.

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Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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