How To Spot A Boston Terrier Puppy Scam! Dog Scam 101

Are you worried about getting scammed when purchasing a Boston Terrier?

In the video below, I help point out all the red flags found on most Boston Terrier puppy scam websites.

How To Spot A Boston Terrier Puppy Scam! Dog Scam 101

How To Spot A Boston Terrier Puppy Scam!

Watch this video to see all the red flags and how to protect yourself from falling victim.

How To Spot A Boston Terrier Puppy Scam Video!

Common Puppy Scam Red Flags

Here is a list of some red flags to watch for.

  • No links to an active social media account
  • Stock photos of Boston Terriers
  • No photo in their about me section
  • Misspelled words (Like a lot of misspelled words)
  • Price is too good to be true

Websites You Can Trust

Here is a list of three websites I recommend for anyone who is starting their search for a Boston Terrier puppy.

However, no matter the sight you always want to do your own due diligence because they are not all 100% scam proof.

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Final Thoughts…

Make sure you always trust your gut when purchasing a Boston puppy. If something doesn’t feel right, STOP.

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