15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Boston Terrier Dads

Have you been gift hunting for a certain guy that happens to be a proud owner of a Boston Terrier? 

A Boston Terrier Dad, if you will? 

Boston Terrier Gift Ideas For Dads. Boston Terrier puppy with dad and daughter.
Donnie, Sofia, and a baby Boston.

Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve browsed hundreds of Boston Terrier-themed gifts on the web, and have narrowed it down to the dadliest gifts of them all. 

Happy gift browsing! 

Awesome Gift Ideas for Boston Terrier Dads

Check out our top 15 gift ideas for Boston Terrier Dads below. 

For easy browsing, we’ve split the gifts into two categories: 

Bar & Kitchenware for Boston Terrier Dads

It’s no secret that Boston Terriers have a special way of connecting to their owners, with their enormous, emotive eyes and chirpy personalities… 

If you happen to be gift shopping for a Boston Terrier dad who has that extra close connection with his four-legged best friend, we’ve found some amazing Boston Terrier themed gift items. 

We think ANY Boston Terrier’s dad would be super stoked to use or hang in his at-home wet bar, kitchen or “man cave”.

Boston Terrier Dad Coffee Mug

Boston Terrier American Gentleman

Boston Terrier Brewing Co. Vintage Beer Ad Poster

We’re not sure if the Boston Terrier Brewing Co. is an actual beer company, but this vintage-inspired poster will definitely look convincing in dad’s at-home wet bar, while simultaneously honoring his special little buddy.

Boston Terrier Etched Pint Glass

For the beer-loving Boston Terrier dad in your family, this pint glass would be an awesome surprise. 

Etched with the design of a Boston Terrier’s iconic face, we love the minimal design, and that it’s dishwasher safe. Bottoms up, dad!

Boston Terrier Whiskey High Ball Glass

Is your Boston Terrier dad more of a whiskey lover? We’ve got you covered. 

This whiskey high ball features an equally classy Boston Terrier etching as the pint glass posted above. Perhaps dad needs a matching set? 

He’s worth it. Cheers!

“Beware of Boston Terrier” Retro Metal Sign

This “Beware of Boston Terrier” sign is made of heavy aluminum and is actually weatherproof. 

However, we think it would look rather cool indoors, decorating dad’s “man cave” or wet bar at home.

Wherever your Boston Terrier, dad likes to retreat to with his buddies (and of course, his fur buddy).

Boston Terrier Coaster

Any Boston Terrier-loving dad will get a kick out of this novelty beer coaster featuring his favorite pup. 

Great for keeping condensation off his man cave table. 

“I love my Boston Terrier” Pint Glass

And another pint glass that caught our eye! This Made in the USA pint glass has a Boston Terrier graphic that’s laser etched and guaranteed permanent. 

So for the Boston Terrier dad who appreciates a brewski or two, this glass will surely put a smile on his face.

“Best Boston Terrier Dad Ever” Mug

And last but not least, a Boston Terrier mug designed especially for dad. 

For the morning after dad’s had a few brewskies in his Boston Terrier beer koozie (see above), this just-for-dad coffee mug, filled to the brim, will be just what the doctor ordered.

Wearable Gifts for Boston Terrier Dads

It’s not so easy to find a gift that a Boston Terrier dad will actually wear, but we think we’ve managed to curate a handful of really unique items that he’d be proud to sport. 

From caps to socks, we’ve got him covered head to toe. 

Boston Terrier Dad Shirt

Premium Boston Terrier dad t-shirt on Amazon.

Boston American Gentleman Shirt

The American Gentleman Shirt!

Boston Terrier Baseball Tee

Printed in the USA with eco-friendly inks, this Boston Terrier baseball tee will surely be a home run. 

We love the classic design and it is bound to become an instant staple in dad’s weekend wardrobe. 

“Ask Me About My Boston Terrier” Flip T-Shirt

Have you heard of flip tees? This Boston Terrier themed flip t-shirt is the epitome of a “dad joke” for that jokester dad in the fam (who happens to have an affinity for the American Gentleman”).

Vintage Style Embroidered Boston Terrier Beanie Hat

We’re loving the 70’s ski lodge vibe of this vintage embroidered Boston Terrier Beanie Hat, and we just know your Boston Terrier dad will too. 

On the slopes or at the dog park, this hat will be a hit.

“Boston Terrier Dad” Embroidered Baseball Cap

This cap says it all. There are few items on the market that actually read “Boston Terrier Dad” so if the guy you have in mind is a true Boston Terrier die-hard – then this is the gift for him. 

Made of premium quality fabrics and including a pre-curved bill and anti-sweat band, this hat also comes in 19 different colors, so you’ve got options.

Boston Terrier Graphic Socks

Over 50% cotton, this fun, and funky graphic socks are woven with a Boston Terrier print and would make a fun toss-in to any Boston Terrier themed gift bag. Loud and proud.

“Dog Dad” Boston Terrier Baseball Cap

This “Dog Dad” hat features a cheeky Boston Terrier embroidered onto a unique stone-washed jean fabric. 

Guaranteed to become a staple in your Boston Terrier dad’s weekend walk-the-dog wardrobe, year-round.

Boston Terrier Beach Towel

Okay, you caught us. We just had to sneak this Boston Terrier towel into the “Wearables” category because it was just too cool and we didn’t want to leave it off of our gift list. 

There’s no chance dad won’t get a good laugh out of this hilarious Boston Terrier printed, oversized, lightweight beach towel.

Final thoughts…

Whether you’re shopping for Father’s Day gift, or looking for that special birthday gift for your Boston Terrier dad, we hope this gift list gets you inspired. 

As always, we love hearing from our readers and fellow Boston Terrier fanatics – so if you’ve come across a cool, dad-focused Boston Terrier gift item that’s not listed above, feel free to shoot us an email

We are always on the hunt for cool Boston Terrier branded swag, available on the web. 

Now get shopping and have a fantastic day!

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