Boston Terrier Rescues In New Mexico – Cost & Adoption Process

Are you looking to adopt a Boston Terrier from a rescue in New Mexico? Here are the rescues operating in New Mexico, as well as their process for adoption and cost.

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Boston Terrier Rescues In New Mexico - Cost & Adoption Process

Boston Terrier Rescues In New Mexico

Milagro Boston Terrier Rescue

Founded in 2000, the Milagro Boston Terrier Rescue works to rescue and help Boston Terriers in need in the New Mexico area. They work diligently to provide medical treatment and rehabilitation through rescue and education to the public on the importance of humane treatment and adoption. 

The Milagro Boston Terrier Rescue was inspired by the sad death of an elderly Boston Terrier named Mr. Buggs in 1999. The rescue was founded shortly after on the Milagro Vineyards and continues to work in unison with the vineyard and winery. 

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Boston Terrier Rescues In New Mexico - Cost & Adoption Process

Cost Of Adoption

There is no fee to apply, but an adoption donation is required. Each dog costs about $300 to care for and provide medical treatment to, which is why they ask for around that amount per dog.

How To Adopt From This Rescue

To adopt from the Milagro Boston Terrier Rescue, fill out their adoption form here

To be considered for adoption, you must be at least 21 years of age, have identification with a present address, consent from your landlord, and be financially and physically able to provide quality care and love to a Boston Terrier. 

A home visit will be required before the placement of any dog. Your home must have a fenced yard, and your dog must never be chained or allowed to run loose. 

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Where Is This Rescue Located

New Mexico


Milagro Boston Terrier Rescue

P.O. Box 1205

Corrales, NM 87048

Contact Information For This Rescue



Phone (call or text): 1-505-463-8453

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Boston Terrier Rescues In New Mexico - Cost & Adoption Process

Learn More About Adopting From A Boston Terrier Rescue

If you are curious about adopting a Boston Terrier from a rescue, listen to this interview from the Boston Terrier Society with Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue.

I enjoyed talking with Tara, the Vice President of the Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue out of Jackson, Tennessee.

How To Adopt From A Rescue Video

In this episode of the podcast, Tara talks about the steps you will need to take when adopting a Boston Terrier from her rescue. 

Even if you are not getting a Boston from her rescue, the steps will be similar across the country.

Learn More About Boston Terriers

It is always a great idea to learn as much as you can about any dog breed before you adopt. Down below is the history of the Boston Terrier. 

Or if you would like to learn more about why others chose to get a Boston Terrier watch the video right below here.

Video – 6 Boston Parents Talk About Why They Chose This Dog Breed

The Boston Terrier History

The Boston Terrier breed was first bred around 1865 in Boston, Massachusetts, making the breed a true American dog. The breed began with a Bostonian named Robert C. Cooper, who purchased a dog named Judge from William O’Brien. It is generally recognized that O’Brien had imported the dog from England, and Judge was a cross between a white English Terrier and an English Bulldog. 

Once the dog changed owners, he became known as Hooper’s Judge. The dog was sturdy, around 32 pounds, and had dark brindle coloring with a white blaze on his face. Judge’s head was blocky and square, and he had an even mouth. It is this dog who is considered the ancestor of nearly all true modern Boston Terriers. 

Boston Terrier Rescues In New Mexico - Cost & Adoption Process

The Breeds Making Up Today’s Boston Terrier

Judge was bred to a white dog named Burnett’s Gyp, nicknamed Kate, who Edward Burnett owned. Kate was low stationed, about 28 pounds, had a stocky build, and a square head. From this mating, the path to the modern Boston Terrier was paved. The male dog born to Judge and Kate was not particularly handsome, but he had the personality that the Boston Terrier would become so well known for: gentle and kind

This dog, Well’s Eph, was mated to a female called Tobin’s Kate, and historians suggest that their offspring were then crossed with the French Bulldog. That crossing formed the foundation of the Boston Terrier breed.

Naming The Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier did not carry that name at first. The fledgling breed was called several names, including round heads, bullet heads, Boston bulldogs, and American terriers. In 1889, 30 owners of the new breed formed the American Bull Terrier Club, and they settled on calling the breed Bull Terriers or Round Heads. Fanciers of the breed loudly objected to these names, so to please as much of the base as possible, the club changed their name to the Boston Terrier Club in recognition of the breed’s birthplace. 

Boston Terrier Rescues In New Mexico - Cost & Adoption Process

The Boston Terrier Today

In 1893, the American Kennel Club formally recognized the breed, and the Boston Terrier’s popularity took off from there. Over time, and after some inconsistency within breed standards, the black-and-white Boston Terrier that we know today was settled on as the ideal type. 

In 1915, the Boston Terrier was the most popular dog in America, and by 1976, the breed was chosen as the American bicentennial dog. Three years later, the Boston Terrier became the state dog of Massachusetts. Today, the Boston Terrier remains one of the most popular dog breeds in the country.

Final Thoughts…

Adopting a Boston Terrier in need of a home is one of the most amazing things you could do for an animal. While the process may seem tedious at first, it is well worth the wait. 

The rescues are going to be with you every step of the way in this process. And the rescues are there to help you after the adoption, answering any questions you may have.

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