3 Steps To Stop Your Boston Terrier From Shedding

Are you thinking about getting a Boston Terrier? Or do you already have a Boston Baby?

In this article, you will learn how much your Boston will shed and how to lessen the amount of hair you will find around your home.

How to stop your Boston Terrier from shedding.
Sofia giving Bella a bath to help with Bella’s shedding around the house.

After owning my Boston, Bella, for over a decade here are three tips and facts on how to handle the shedding of a Boston Terrier.

How much do Boston Terriers shed?

Boston Terriers have hair that sheds year-round. However, with their single layer of hair on their body, they do shed LESS than a dog with multiple layers of hair.

Dogs with multiple coats of hair are usually animals who are adapted for the outside and the change in temperatures. Boston’s are born to live indoors.

3 Steps To Lessen The Shedding

Here are the three steps my wife and I take to help with Bella’s shedding year-round.

The process we follow has helped not only find less hair around the home but helps reduce the amount of dander in our home.

I have a brother in law who is allergic to dogs, and reducing the dander in our home helps with his allergies.

Are you wondering if Boston Terriers are hypoallergenic? Learn more in this article I put together – Are Boston Terrier Hypoallergenic? 10 Allergy-Fighting Tips!

Video Talking About Boston Terrier Shedding

In this video, I talk about shedding in Boston Terriers.

Donnie explaining how much Boston Terriers shed.

1. Wash Regularly

Set a schedule to wash your Boston once per week. Emily and I schedule Bella’s bath every Wednesday. This helps not only wash away hair that is about to fall out, but it also keeps Bella smelling great.

Full Disclosure – Washing Bella once a week happens in spurts. We do it for several weeks in a row then fall off the horse. Doing anything is a process and a habit must develop.

How often should you bathe a Boston Terrier? Check out this article that covers how often and what you should be doing during bath time, Bathing A Boston Terrier.

When washing your Boston, be sure not to pour water on their face, they hate that. I will take a washcloth and gently rub Bella’s head and face to avoid pouring water right on top of her head.

One other trick when giving your Boston a bath is to clip their nails right after the bath. After giving your dog a bath, their nails are a little softer to clip.

Be sure to have a treat and big towel to curl your Boston in when they are done with the bath. Do not worry if your dog is shaking a lot. The shaking happens every time Bella takes a bath. We try to make sure the room is nice and warm, as well as a calming atmosphere.

2. Brush Hair Regularly

Be sure to brush your dog to remove fallen hair within her coat. There are several brushes on the market to help lessen the shedding.

Bellow is a video of the two brushes I recommend for Boston Terriers. If you want the one I use every day and highly recommend you can buy it now on Amazon here, Ninamar Hair Removal Brush.

Here are two dog brushes I use on Bella and recommend.

If you are looking to really eliminate the shedding, I would recommend hair brushing not only during your dog’s bath but three days after as well.

I personally brush her hair once a week, with no set schedule. But scheduling the brushing session will help to ensure you find less hair around your home.

3. Omega-3 Foods

Just like human hair, a healthy diet rich in Omega-3’s will help not only give a shine to your Boston’s coat but will help her from losing her hair faster than usual.

If you don’t want to change your Boston Terriers food you could always add omega-3’s by giving your Boston supplements.

Here are some options below on Amazon. To learn more about each one click the individual supplement.

Final thoughts…

Yes, Boston Terriers do shed, but it is less of an amount compared to husky or other bread’s who shed their hair for the different seasons and temperatures.

To combat the shedding problem, be sure to give baths and brush hair regularly.

Also, feed your Boston a diet rich in Omega-3’s. The Omega-3’s will help your Boston have a cost with a shine as well as have healthy thicker hair.

What tips do you have to stop your dog from shedding? Please leave a comment below.

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