15 Summer Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Boston Terrier

It’s that time of year again! The sun is out, flowers are in bloom, and it’s hot, hot, hot!

My Boston Terrier, Nickel, gets so excited for the warmer weather as she loves to sunbathe and bask on the tiles in our backyard while soaking up those rays. 

A Boston Terrier in a car. A Boston Terrier looking scared in a car.
Nickel is taking in the sights as we stop at a local dog-friendly eatery for some snacks!

Nonetheless, we always take precautions to keep her cool and bring her inside after a while.

Summer Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Boston Terrier

It is important to note all Boston Terriers have the brachycephalic syndrome

This is a condition that makes it harder to breathe and cool off. 

It’s essential to watch your Boston Terrier to make sure they don’t overheat during the summer months. Check out our article on 7 Signs Your Boston Terrier Is Overheating.

All dog breeds cool off via their respiratory system, rather than sweating like humans do. 

However, Boston Terriers are particularly sensitive to overheating, so I always watch Nickel closely when she’s outside and ensure she has access to plenty of water.

On with the activities…

1) Drive-In Food & Dog-Friendly Eats

One of my personal favorite activities with Nickel is strapping her into her dog seat and taking her to a drive-in or dog-friendly eatery. 

There are many local and national chains that are dog friendly – keep an eye out for your local spots. 

Not only does Nickel love her mozzarella sticks from Sonic, but it’s highly enjoyable to sit there and relax. 

Sometimes we sit at a table to enjoy our snacks and other times we eat inside my car. Either way, it’s a blast!

National dog-friendly chains to check out:

  • Dairy Queen (We’ve sat on their patio before, and Nickel was given a complimentary “pup cup” of soft serve vanilla ice cream for her birthday.)
  • Sonic (Our local Sonic lets us sit at the tables or dining in your car is always an option.)
  • Starbucks (Ask for a “puppuccino,” which is a cup of whipped cream, for your puppy, and many locations will also allow you to sit on the patio with your dog.)

Where to find dog-friendly restaurants around the United States and the world?

There is a great website that helps dog lovers find hotels, restaurants, and more when it comes to traveling with our dogs. The site is called BringFido.com.

Here is where you can find local restaurants that are dog friendly:

2) Swimming

Always an excellent way to cool off during the hot summer, swimming can be delightful for you and your Boston Terrier. 

Not all dogs are fond of swimming, so gauge how your Boston Terrier is handling the water and keep an eye on them!

Check out our article covering how to teach a Boston Terrier to swim, tips, and more; Boston Terriers Swimming.

I’ve had Boston Terriers in the past that were either terrified of being in the pool or seemed to enjoy it. 

Kiddie Pool 

If your Boston Terrier is wary of pools or you don’t have easy access to one, consider purchasing a kiddie pool. 

Dipping your feet in the kiddie pool can be very soothing, and your Boston Terrier may be more likely to enjoy the pool if they’re confident they won’t sink. 

This is also a fantastic way for your Boston Terrier to stay cool as they spend time outdoors with you!

A Boston Terrier on a walk. Boston Terrier walking. Boston Terrier going on a walk.
Nickel posing for a photo on our walk.

3) Have An Outdoor Photoshoot

For those of us that love taking dorky photos of our Boston Terriers, the summer provides many natural props. 

Between blooming plants, sunshine, water, and nature, you have many beautiful scenes you can capture your Boston Terrier in. 

Some of the other activities on this list would transition beautifully into a photo shoot, such as enjoying ice cream or being in the pool! 

Take some time this summer to highlight your goofy, beautiful Boston Terrier in some unforgettable photos and share them on Instagram! 

Here are 25 Boston Terriers you should be following on Instagram.

4) Make Cool Treats For You And Your Pup

What’s better than sitting outside on a warm day with a refreshing treat? 

Believe us, your Boston Terrier would be all too happy to join in on that! 

As a fun project, try making a frozen dog treat or sharing dog-friendly ice cream with your Boston Terrier. 

Frozen bananas are an excellent way to accomplish this. Check out our previous piece on bananas here

That piece includes an amazing frozen banana recipe for your Boston Terrier to enjoy this summer. 

Banana Peanut Butter Frozen Treat
Frozen Apple Treats

5) Go Hiking

A classic summertime activity!

Boston Terriers are not considered dogs with strong endurance, so you might want to ease them into hiking if they’ve never been before. 

However, the beautiful scenery, different scents, and exercise are sure to appeal to you both. 

Look online for hiking trail suggestions for you and your Boston Terrier, where you live.

If you have never taken your Boston Terrier hiking before, here is precisely how to get started; How to take your Boston Terrier hiking.

6) Visit A Dog-Friendly Beach

If you are lucky enough to be near a coastline, try looking for a dog-friendly beach. 

Nothing says summer like the beach, and your Boston Terrier will likely enjoy running up and down the sand, even if they’re slipping and sliding!

This is a great activity to combine with other suggestions on the list, such as a picnic, frozen treats, chasing a frisbee, or playing in the water. 

Boston Terrier sniffing around. A Boston Terrier enjoying a walk. A Boston Terrier stops to smell.
Nickel enjoying her walk and stopping to sniff everything!

7) Walks

With no snow or ice on the ground, this is an excellent time of year for walking. 

However, walks can lead to your Boston Terrier overheating quickly. Make sure they have plenty of water before you take off on your walk.

You should also consider that their paw pads do not protect them from walking on hot concrete or grass. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t walk barefoot on the ground due to the heat, then don’t make your dog walk on it!

To avoid your Boston Terrier burning their paw pads or overheating, consider taking early morning or evening walks when the ground and temperature is lower. 

This will likely be more enjoyable for you both!

8) Picnic Time

Just like us, our dogs love to chow down!

Pack a dog-friendly picnic, and blanket then take your dog to a local park or sit in your backyard. 

Enjoy some frozen treats, sandwiches, and don’t forget to bring water for your Boston Terrier too! 

Enjoy lying back on the blanket and snuggling with your dog.

9) Play Fetch Or Ball

Nickel is a fanatic for playing ball and fetch. She also loves her tug of war toys. 

Both fetch and tug of war toys are compact and easy to pack with us when we take her places or play in the backyard with her. 

Your dog might prefer a frisbee, stick, or a puzzle toy loaded with treats.

Whatever they love, see if you can take it outdoors with you so you can both get some fresh air this summer!

A Boston Terrier playing with a ball. Boston terrier playing with ball. Boston Terrier playing in backyard.
Nickel retrieving a ball in our yard – she loves chasing the ball!

10) People Watch Under An Umbrella Or Using A Cold Bandana

If your dog is less active or has just finished playing and needs to cool down, consider sitting under an umbrella or shady tree and people watching. 

This allows us to enjoy our surroundings and our dogs, all while enjoying the scenery.

Try bringing a frozen bandana or wetting a bandana to place on yourself and your dog. This is a wonderful way to keep cool and feels incredible!

11) Go Camping

Another classic summertime favorite!

Camping is an excellent activity for humans and dogs alike. Between the wide-open space and the many hikes or walks you can take, this is a dog utopia.

If you’ve never taken your Boston Terrier on a camping trip, consider taking them on hikes first to see how they do with the change in environment. 

If they like it, try taking them on an overnight camping trip. 

You may have a camping friend on your hands soon enough!

12) Try Your Boston Terrier’s Paw At Agility Training

Despite having relatively low endurance compared to other dog breeds, Boston Terriers can be surprisingly agile. 

Try making some makeshift jumps for your Boston Terrier to have fun jumping over. 

Boston Terriers are very clever and engaged dogs, so they are likely to rise to the challenge.

There are a wide variety of training videos on YouTube.

These videos will give you many ideas for makeshift courses that you and your Boston Terrier could mess around with this summer. 

Who knows? You might discover your Boston Terrier’s true calling as they galavant through the agility course you’ve set up. 

Boston Terrier Agility Videos On YouTube

Boston Terrier Agility Training Video

Can Boston Terriers Do Agility – You Betcha

Boston Terrier Doing Agility In The Park

13) Barbeque

Last, but most certainly not least is a delicious backyard barbeque. 

This is guaranteed to make your pup drool, and you’ll have their undivided attention as they stare up at you and the barbeque longingly. 

Even Nickel will drop her ball and give me her complete attention when delicious food is involved!

14) Road Trip With Your Boston Terrier

Summer is the time for travel. Chances are if you like going on road trips your Boston Terrier won’t mind them either.

All your Boston is going to care about is being next to you on this fun trip.

There are a number of things you are going to want to plan for when going on a road trip with your Boston.

This includes preparing the car, knowing what to do if your Boston gets anxious in the car, and planning ahead for a friendly dog hotel…no worries we have you covered. 

Check out this article, How To Plan A Road Trip With A Boston Terrier.

15) Find A Local Farmers Market

There are farmers markets in virtually every large city as well as medium size cities.

These farmers markets are usually pet friendly and it is a great place to socialize your Boston while you enjoy the scenery and treats you’ll find there.

Check out Local Harvest for a list of farmers markets near you.

Final Thoughts…

Summertime can bring so many enjoyable activities to the forefront for you and your Boston Terrier. 

Keep in mind their energy level, age, and personality as you try to find the ideal summertime activity for the two of you to enjoy. 

Enjoy yourself and stay cool and hydrated!

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