25 Adorable Boston Terriers You Should Follow On Instagram

Are you looking for some cute and adorable Boston Terriers to follow on Instagram?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things going on in the world today and everyone needs an outlet to destress.

Adorable Boston Terriers You Should Follow On Instagram
Bella and Sofia Being Cute Reading Books

This gave me an idea to compile some great Boston Terrier accounts you can follow on Instagram. Feel free to check out each profile and forget about the world outside.

While staying up to date on current events is a good thing you must take the time to decompress.

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25 Adorable Boston Terriers You Should Follow On Instagram

When searching for these Boston Terriers we tried to find accounts where the Boston is the lead person in the photos. 

Also, we searched for Instagram accounts that had their Boston doing funny and memorable things. 

The Instagram accounts we found were not always the ones with the most followers but they definitely bring happiness to your heart.

Here are some picks from the Boston Terrier Society…

1) Toby The Gentelmen

Toby is a Boston Terrier from Dublin, Ireland. Chances are you have seen Toby before online, many of Toby’s photos and videos go viral.


2) Pickles And Queso

Lord Queso von Taco and Flora are two adorable Boston Terrier from Woodland, Texas. You are going to find some amazing and adorable photos with this Instagram account!

This is Lord Queso getting ready for quarantine.


3) Boston Terriers

This Boston Terrier Instagram account is not of a specific dog, but it is really for all Boston owners. 

This account allows you to send in photos of your Boston and then if selected your photo is shared on their account.


4) Mr. Peaunut The Boston Terrier

Mr. Peanut is a Boston from Brisbane, Australia. He is always doing some cute antiques with his human family.


5) Hawk

Hawk the Boston Terrier is from Leesburg, Virginia. When he is not working out he is doing cute things in front of the camera.


6) Olive with Olive & Gus

Olive is from the Instagram account Olive and Gus. However, Gus had passed away so it is now Olive and her family posting. This is olive hanging out when her mom is working from home.


7) Boston Terriers Forever

The Boston Terriers Forever Instagram account is all about sharing other people’s Boston photos. 

Every day you are going to get something new with this account from one of there 60 thousand plus followers.


8) Rocky The Boston Terrier

Little Rocky is a Boston from Sandiego, California. He is always getting dressed up in some type of adorable and funny outfit.


9) Bossy Bostons

This Instagram account is about a family of Boston Terriers who lives in Indiana. Here you’ll find tons of photos of puppies and antiques from the family.


10) Harley In The Wild

Harley the Boston Terrier is from the United Kingdom. In Harley’s Instagram account, he takes us on a journey exploring different parks, woods, and beaches around the U.K.


11) Mr. Gosta

Mr. Gosta’s Instagram is well, all about him! He is a cute Boston Terrier living in Sweden. 

When Gosta is not playing in the snow he is doing other fun activities around Sweden like napping, going to the park, taking long walks, and hanging out with babies.


12) Ruby Love The Boston Terrier

Ruby is a Boston Terrier who lives in Florida near the Gulf Coast. She and her sister routinely find themselves in the water playing and having fun.

If you love the ocean and Boston Terriers this is one Instagram account you’ll want to check out.


13) Lola The Boston Terrier

Lola is a Boston Terrier who loves making people smile. In July 2014 Lola entered the Facebook seen, then found her way over to Instagram.


14) Petite Pokey

Pokey AKA The Pokey Monster is am Instagram Boston Terrier from San Fransico. This girl loves dressing up in bright colors. Her cute face is sure to make you smile.


15) Boston Terrier Collections

This Boston Instagram account is all about showcasing other people’s Bostons. Here you can find a variety of photos from cute mug shots to fancy dress-up photos like this one.


16) Boni Boston Terrier

This cute Boston Terrier is from Poland. You’ll find cute photographs all around Poland from being in the city to the countryside.


17) Bo The Boston Terrier

Bo is a self-described tooter. And you will find him tooting around Jersey. 


18) Gatsby The Great Boston

Gatsby loves posing for photos. You will see her in and around the suburbs of London.


19) Dottie The Boston Terrier

Dottie is a 10.5 pound Boston Terrier. When she is not sunbathing she enjoys playing with her cat friend Ernie.


20) Watson The Boston Terrier

Watson is a Boston from Canada. He was born in January 2019 and his been a regular on Instagram ever since.


21) Oasis “Ace” The Boston Terrier

Ace loves doing videos like this one. When Ace isn’t making videos or taking photos he is all business, you’ll find him working in his shop making his very own stickers, calendars, and magnets.


22) Lemon The Boston Terrier

Lemon is a Red Boston Terrier who will bring happiness to your heart. She enjoys naps, hanging out with family, and naps again.


23) Leo The Boston Terrier

Leo is a Boston living with his dad in North Carolina. You’ll find Leo playing in the backyard chewing on his many chew toys. If he doesn’t have chew toys he will use a stick lol.


24) Lola The Boston Terrier

Lola is a Boston Terrier from Haworth, Yorkshire. She loves to snuggle and hang out with her human family.


25) The Boston Terrier Society

This is a shameless plug. If you haven’t already be sure to check out the Society’s Instagram account. 

On the Boston Terrier Society’s Instagram account you will find Bella as well as other Boston’s who wanted to share their photo with the community.

The Instagram photo below is of me (Donnie), Bella, and Samuel who is four months old in that photo.


Would you like to be featured on the Boston Terrier Society’s Instagram account? Submit your photo by clicking here.

Final thoughts…

Did you enjoy the cuteness? Be sure to take at least 5 minutes out of your day to enjoy and look at something that brings happiness to your heart.

Having a practice like this will help you keep your sanity in these difficult times.

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