Technique To Get Your Boston Terrier To Drink More Water

Are you worried your dog isn’t drinking enough water? Or do you want them to drink more water before you go on a big hike?

When Sofia, my daughter, was feeding Bella, my Boston, one day, we stumbled upon a trick to get Bella to drink all of her water in one sitting. Here is the method I learned to get Bella to drink more water.

Bella being awesome.

How Much Water Does A Dog Need To Drink Per Day

According to PetMD, most dogs need about 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. If your Boston Terrier weights 25 lbs, you will need to give them a little over 3 cups of water per day.

It is also essential to know that really active dogs will need more water than the one once per body weight. Also, puppies will drink more than this recommended amount as well as mothers who are lactating.

Water Needed Per Day Per Dog’s Weight

10 lbs10 ounces1.250 cups
15 lbs15 ounce1.875 cups
20 lbs20 ounces2.500 cups
25 lbs25 ounces3.125 cups
30 lbs30 ounces3.750 cups

*Always consult your vet about recommended water intake, but this is a helpful guide.

The Technique To Get Your Dog To Drink More Water

This may not happen for every dog, but the simple trick is to place your dog’s food into their water dish. Instead of putting a scoop of their dry food in their regular food dish, simply place it in their water bowl.

Bella not only eats all the food but drinks all the water. I’m not sure if forcing a dog to drink water like this is healthy, but it is a way to super hydrate them if you are concerned that they need more liquids.

Dogs are naturally going to drink when they’re thirsty. So I wouldn’t recommend doing this every day. However, if you know you are going to be doing some really strenuous activity giving your dog extra water the day before could be a good thing.

How I discovered this

This little technique was stumbled upon when Sofia, my two-year-old daughter, was feeding Bella. Since Sofia has been able to walk, we have been having her feed, Bella. And for some reason, over the last few months, she has been putting the food right into Bella’s water bowl. And to our surprise, not only does Bella eat all the food, but she gulps down all the water.

The first few times this has happened, there were a few pee messes in the house. Which was understandable because Bella wasn’t used to all the water.

Final thoughts…

If you are planning on using a super hydration technique, I recommend consulting your veterinarian before you do. The reason we did this technique to Bella is because it was forced upon her one day by Sofia. As long as your dog is getting at least one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight, they should be getting enough of the necessary liquids in their body.

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