3 Reason Why Boston Terriers Are Great Watchdogs

Are you thinking about buying a Boston Terrier to be your watchdog at night?

After owning Bella, my Boston, for over a decade I can confidently tell you I sleep great at night.

3 Reason Why Boston Terriers Are Great Watchdogs. Boston Terrier Society.
Bella standing guard.

She is always on the alert when my wife and I lay down for bed, even when Bella looks sound asleep here self, she is alert.

Are Boston Terriers Good Watchdogs?

Yes, Boston Terries make excellent watchdogs.

First, Boston’s rarely bark, so when they do bark, you know something is the matter.

Second, Boston Terriers are very protective of their owners.

Finally, Boston’s have excellent hearing and a keen sense of their surroundings since they were initially bred to kill vermin and mice.

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What Is The Difference Between A Guard Dog And A Watchdog?

It is essential to distinguish between a guard dog and a watchdog. If you are wanting a dog for personal protection, you would be better off getting a bigger breed of dog.

My parents had rottweilers when I was growing up as well as a bullmastiff. Those large breeds make exceptional guard dogs because of their size and physical strength.

However, a watchdog is simply an animal that will alert you before an intruder can get to you. Smaller breeds tend to make good watchdogs because they will bark at anything.

When growing up I don’t recall our bullmastiff barking much, he would just go for the attack if someone he didn’t know walked up to him in the yard. Our mastiff spent a few days in doggie jail for biting the water meter reader guy.

Three Reasons Why Boston Terriers Are Good Watchdogs.

Here are three main reasons why Boston Terriers make great watchdogs…

Check out this video answer – Do Boston Terriers Bark

1. Boston’s Barley Bark

Unlike other small breeds that tend to bark at everything, Boston’s rarely bark. Bella (my Boston) only cries when she really wants something from me or if she hears someone near our door.

We live in a townhome, and when people walk down the sidewalk at night, which is literally a foot from our house, Bella will bark.

Since Bella barks so rarely she makes a superb guard dog because I know when she growls or barks at night, there truly is someone around our home.

In fact, Bella is so good at knowing when someone is near the door; she also serves as my notifier of packages. I know when a package has been delivered to our door from Amazon when Bella growls in the middle of the day.

She can hear the package delivery guy walking up to our stairs before I even notice the sound of the UPS vehicle or footsteps.

2. Boston Terriers Are Protective Of Their Owners

Boston’s are very protective and loyal. You can see this natural protective mode kick into gear when walking your Boston.

When another animal approaches, Bella will jump into a protective mode with a more robust stance with head lowered and hair is thrown up (not all the time, but often enough).

3. Boston’s Have Excellent Hearing

Bella in particular has amazing ears. Like I’ve said before she can hear someone slowly coming up the stairs like the UPS delivery driver.

What Is The Best Small Dog For Protection?

In my personal opinion, and after owning a Boston for over a decade, Boston Terriers are the best small dog for protection.

They are a small breed but very muscular. Also, this breed rarely barks like other small breeds. I’m not jaded when Bella barks, I know something is wrong when she starts talking at night.

Also, there has been several times she has alerted me when someone is at the door before I hear them, like the UPS delivery driver.

Because of this, I can highly recommend a Boston for your next watchdog.

Final Thoughts…

Boston Terriers make exceptional watchdogs. From personal experience as well as other authority sites like the American Kennel Club confirming they are great small dogs for guarding the family.

They barely bark, protective of their owners, and have superior hearing. Those three traits make them the ideal dog to notify you when someone is near your home.

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3 Reason Why Boston Terriers Are Great Watchdogs. Boston Terrier Society.

Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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