How Much Does A Pet Photographer Cost?| Helpful Cost Guide

Are you thinking of capturing some photos of your cute dog? Before you get started, you will want to read the fine print of whatever photographer studio you choose. There are several costs and stipulations you need to be aware of before you sit down for your first session.

I surveyed 30 Pet Photographers across the United States to find the average cost of a photo session. In addition, I looked into all the different price variations. Here is what I found out…

How Much Does A Pet Photographer Cost?| Helpful Cost Guide. Boston Terrier Society.
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The Cost Of A Pet Photographer

The average cost of a pet photographer is $236.43. Some photographers will charge $500.00 or more. While other photographers will charge as little as $75.00. Generally speaking, amateur photographers will cost less than more experienced dog photographers.

30 Pet Photographers And Their Pricing

The pricing below is all based on the sitting fee or the lowest package the Pet Photographer offers. It is important to note that some photographers had a session fee, but to obtain photos, you had to buy them separately.

For example, a fee of say $250.00 could just be the sitting fee of taking photos, nothing else. While the cost for pictures could be outside the $250.00 sitting fee. So be aware, a sitting fee could literally be the starting point and not a full package of a photo session with photos. I will cover those additional costs further down in the article.

Studio’s NameCityStateCost
Elly May MomentsKansas CityMO$275
FixYourImages PhotographyKansas CityMO$100
Haute Dog Pet PhotographyDallasTX$350
Dog Biscuit PhotosDallasTX$299
Max Norman PhotographyMiamiFL$125
Lulu & Petunia PhotographyMaimiFL$125
Fred Levy PhotographyBostonMA$225
John Hensel PhotographyBostonMA$250
Allison Shamrell PhotographySan DiegoCA$139
Oh! My Dog PhotographySan DiegoCA$149
Julie Austin PhotographySnohomishWA$375
Booke Mallory PhotographySeattleWA$149
Dog House PortraitsSeattleWA$375
Faithful Friends PhotographyOklahoma CityOK$100
Imagine If PhotographyOklahoma CityOK$399
NYC Pet PhotographerNew York CityNY$250
Pet Photographer New YorkNew York CityNY$390
Lynn Terry PhotographySt. LouisMO$299
DK Effects PhotographySt. LouisMO$150
The Journey PhotographyAnchorageAK$200
Anchorage Dog WalkersAnchorageAK$75
Hatton Pet Portrait PhotoPhoenixAZ$300
Dog Tale PhotographyPhoenixAZ$200
Flash & Hound Pet PhotographyPhoenixAZ$189
Karin Newstrom PhotographyMinneapolisMN$250
Sarah Beth PhotographyMinneapolisMN$250
Mandy Whitely PhotographyNashvilleTN$275
Amiee Stubs PhotographyNashvilleTN$180
The Dog PhotogCharlotteNC$500

In the survey, the max, average, and minimum costs are listed below:

Max Cost: $500.00

Average Cost: $236.43

Minimum Cost: $75.00

How Pet Photography Prices Are Established

Several factors go into the cost of the pet photographer you choose. And no one photographer is the same. But these factors below determine how much you will be spending on your photo session.

1. Session Time

Obviously, the longer you work with a photographer, the more they are going to charge. The session time can last as short as thirty minutes, or as long as 2.5 hours or more. It really depends on the number of high-quality photos you want and the variety of photos you desire.

2. Number Of Photos Edited

The more edited photos you receive after the photo session, the more it is going to cost you. I have seen where some photo packages offer only ONE photo to more than 30 photos. You will need to ask how many photos you will receive from your photographer before you get started.

3. Location

Going to the photographer’s studio can actually save you some money rather than having your photographer meet you somewhere. Also, some photographers have special locations where you must pay more to have photos taken there.

4. Number Of Subjects In Photo

If you want to be in the photo, you need to ask upfront. Most Pet Photographer packages only include photos of your dog and no one else. If you want to be in the photo, or if you want another dog of yours to be in the photo, you will be charged more for the additional subjects.

5. Experience

The more in demand the photographer you hire, the more it is going to cost you. However, the more in demand your photographer is, typically, the better they are due to their experience. And experience can be extremely valuable to you if you are trying to get the perfect photo. 

Experience is also notably valuable if you have a dog that is a bit unruly at times. An experienced Pet Photographer will know how to handle the situation. 

What Other Costs Are Associated With Pet Photography?

No one photographer is the same. Some studios will charge a sitting fee just to take the photos, and that is it. You will then have to pay for the images separately. While other studios will charge for a package giving you dozens of photos, including the right to reprint the pictures elsewhere. 

Be sure to read the fine print before you higher a pet photographer. And do not be afraid to interview the studio beforehand and get all your questions answered.

Additional Pet Fee (If you want more than one dog in the photos)
Travel Fee
Additional Photos Fee (If you want more pictures than the standard package they offer)
Parking Fees
Digital File Fee
Outdoor vs. Indoor Fee
Minimum Print Fees (They may require you to purchase photos outside the session fee.)
Cancellation Fees
Prop Fees
Print Costs
Re-Print Rights (The right to print your photos elsewhere. Walgreens, Walmart, etc.)

Do Pet Photographers Offer Discounts?

Yes, some Pet Photographers do offer discounts. I would recommend visiting the website of the photographer you choose before you call them or visit them. Some photographers have discounts on their website. And the deal is you must mention the discount code on their site the first time you meet them. 

Here are some typical discounts I found online:

  • Military Discounts
  • Multiple Dog Discounts
  • Birthday Photo Session Discounts
  • The More You Order The More You Save Discount
  • Discounts On Canvass Prints Bought Through The Photographers Online Store

Does Every Photographer Do Pet Photography?

Not every photographer will take photos of pets. When searching for photographers, be sure to look for pet-specific specialists. The pet-specific photographers will be better able to handle your dog when they are not cooperating in order to get the perfect photo.

How To Find An Affordable Pet Photographer?


The best place to find an affordable pet photographer is merely doing a Google search and finding the lowest cost person you can. Sorry for such a simple “tip,” but it is the easiest way to search for a low-cost photographer. 

Local College or University

The other option is to call a local University’s Art Department to see if they have a program for their art students to take pictures of real subjects…this could be an excellent opportunity for a free or near-free photo session. 

Friends and Family

Next, before you get started on your search for a professional photographer, be sure to ask friends and family for recommendations. My wife and I were able to get family photos done for $50.00 once because our friend wanted to build her photography portfolio because she was just getting started. It was great! 

10 Questions To Ask Your Pet Photographer About Pricing:

  1. What does your basic photo package include?
  2. Will I own the rights to these photos from this session, or will I have to buy prints exclusively from you?
  3. How long of a photo session will I receive?
  4. Are there additional fees outside of the package I’m buying I should be aware of?
  5. Do I need to pay a deposit upfront? 
  6. What if I cancel my photo session, is there a charge? Can I apply my deposit to another photo session in the future?
  7. Is there a fee if I want to be in a photo with my dog?
  8. Do you charge for props, or should I bring my own?
  9. Are the photos high quilty where I can turn the pictures into a shirt, mug, or other novelty item, or do I need to pay extra for that?
  10. How do I access these photos once the photo session is over?

Final Thoughts…

Getting photos of your dog should be a fun experience. However, you should be well aware of the pricing and fees involved before you get started. Knowing how much you will be charged before you get started will make the whole experience more enjoyable for you while you’re getting the photos done. 

Remember, ask all the questions you need to before you decide to hire a photographer.

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