Why Does My Boston Terrier Bark At Me? 6 Reasons Why

Ok, you are probably sitting on the couch wondering why your Boston Terrier will not stop barking at you?

The answer can be straightforward you just need to run through these tips, and chances are you will figure out the issue.

Boston Terrier Barking

I’ve been in this situation numerous times with Bella, and it is frustrating, but keep a cool head, and you’ll figure it out.

Let’s get started…

Why Does My Boston Terrier Bark At Me?

Once again, when your Boston Terrier barks at you, there is a reason. And trust me, you’re not alone when it comes to Boston’s barking at their owners.

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Do Boston Terriers Bark?

First, I think it is important to mention that Boston Terriers, in general, are not a dog breed known to be barkers. 

I posed this question to the Boston Terrier Society’s Facebook community, and these are the results.

Do You Think Your Boston Terrier Barks A Lot?

Do you think your Boston Terrier Barks a lot?

Posted by Boston Terrier Society on Monday, March 2, 2020

As you can see, the overwhelming response was no their Boston does not bark a lot. Only 16% of owners out of 210 votes saying their dog barks often. 

This means when your Boston does bark, chances are it is for a reason. 

Is It Common For A Boston To Bark At Its Owner?

I know Bella likes to bark at me randomly, so I wanted to ask the Boston Terrier Society’s Twitter community to see what they had to say about this issue.

I asked the community, “Does your Boston Terrier bark at you more than strangers?”

Surprisingly, the community said their Boston barks more at strangers than at them the parents. 

This has not been my experience with Bella. More often than not, Bella barks at Emily, and I way more often than at other people.

6 Reasons Your Boston Terrier Is Barking At You

Remember, if your Boston Terrier is barking at you, they are doing it for a reason. Here are some reasons why Bella barks at me.

Hopefully, this helps you find a solution as to why your dog is barking at you.

Video Explanation

In this video I cover 6 reasons your Boston might be barking at you.

1) Your Boston Wants To Play

If you are sitting on the couch and your Boston Terrier wants to play, it is going to start barking or growling at you. This is known as attention barking.

You can do one of four things when your Boston is barking at you like this;

  • Ignore it.
  • Play with your Boston.
  • Move on to the next reason for barking if you don’t think your dog is barking to play.
Boston terrier needing to go the bathroom.
Bella next to her puppy pads.

2) Your Dog Needs To Go To The Bathroom

If you Boston needs to be let outside or in another room to go to the bathroom, it will start barking at you.

You are not going to know if your Boston needs to go the bathroom from its barking. But you can run a mental note, “My dog is barking, when was the last time I took her potty”? 

If you haven’t taken your Boston potty in the last two hours, I would for sure take her out.

Now, once you take your Boston potty and they are still barking, it is time to make a decision.

You can do one of three things when your Boston is barking at you like this;

  • Ignore it.
  • Move on to the next reason for barking if you don’t think your dog is barking to go potty.

3) Your Boston Simply Wants In Its Room Or Bed To Sleep

Another reason your Boston could be barking at you is it wants to go to bed. Bella often cries at Emily and me if she wants us to open the door to our bedroom. This is because Bella’s bed is in our bedroom.

If you open the door or allow your dog to go to its bed and it still is barking at you, be sure to check to see if it doesn’t want anything from the remaining items on this list.

4) Is Your Boston Hungry Or Thirsty?

While Bella eats first thing in the morning as well as in the afternoon, she sometimes wants a treat or maybe even a little extra scoop of food. Or it could be she needs more water.

Make sure your Boston isn’t thirsty or hungry before you stop the barking or sending it to its room.

5) Your Boston Wants Affection

Another common reason for Bella barking at us is because she wants to be petted or wants some kind of attention.

Before you shun your Boston for barking, make sure you give it a little love and affection, this could be all it wants.

Boston Terrier cuddling.
Bella next to me on the couch.

6) Your Boston Wants To Be Close To You

Emily and I started a new policy where we no longer allow Bella on the couch. This took effect when we reupholstered our sofa. 

Not allowing Bella on the couch next to us has been another primary reason for her vocalness. 

She is barking because she wants to cuddle up next to us. In this case, I simply sit on the floor next to the couch to give her some love.

Once again at this point, you can do one of three things when your Boston is barking at you like this;

  • Ignore it.
  • Go through these 6 reasons again to see if your Boston might be barking for one of those reasons.

Funny Videos Of Boston’s Barking At Their Owners

I can relate to this.

Boston’s always have a reason for barking.

I need your attention, PLEASE!

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are not a dog breed known to bark. So when your Boston does bark, chances are it is for a particular reason. Be sure to run through this checklist to see what your Boston Terrier might need from you.

If you want some tips on how to stop your Boston from barking read this article, How To Stop Your Boston From Attention Barking.

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