The Boston Terrier Quiz Answers

The Boston Terrier Quiz Answers
Bella and I posing for this amazing photo!

Congratulations on completing the quiz! If you scored 100%, then a Boston Terrier would be a great dog for you. If you did not score 100%, no worries. You can still get a Boston if you really want one. However, you will need to be aware of the question you got wrong on the quiz.

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I know what you are thinking, why don’t you tell me what I got wrong on the quiz? I wish I could, but the program I used does not offer that option, my apologies.

Here are all the answers to the quiz plus a little insight…

1. What size dog do you want?

Small or Medium Breed. A Boston Terrier comes in three weight classes.

  • 20 to 25lbs
  • 15 to 20 lbs
  • 15lbs and under

2. Do you want a dog who will cuddle with you daily? 

Yes, Boston Terriers love to cuddle with their owners. And Boston’s can be known to want to cuddle all day long. Cuddles provide Boston with warmth, affection, and a sense of belonging. As well as an increase in oxytocin levels and a decrease in cortisol levels.

Check out this article I wrote; Do Boston Terriers Cuddle? How It Will Save Your Life.

3. Do you want a dog who is low maintenance when it comes to grooming?

Yes, Boston’s are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Boston Terriers do have fur that sheds year-round. However, with their single layer of hair on their body, they do shed LESS than a dog with multiple layers of fur.

Dogs with numerous coats of fur are usually animals who are adapted for the outside and the change in temperatures. Boston’s are born to live indoors.

Check out this article I wrote; 3 Steps To Stop Your Boston From Shedding.

4. Do you need a dog with minimal shedding?

Yes, Bella, my Boston, sheds the equivalent of a hand full of hair over a week’s time. Check out the above answer and article.

5. Do you need a dog who loves to go on walks? 

Yes, Boston’s love to go on walks for 30 minutes at a time. It is recommended you exercise your 

Boston for 30 – 60 minutes a day. This can be done by merely taking your Boston for a walk.

Check out this article I wrote; Do Boston Terriers Need A Lot Of Exercise?

6. Do you need a dog who will not bark while on walks? 

Yes, Bella never barks when on walks, and this is common for most Boston Terriers.

7. Do you need a dog who barks when someone knocks on the door? 

Yes, Bella will only bark at us when she wants us to love her, and when someone comes up to the door. This is common with other Boston Terriers.

Boston Terrier Quiz Answers
Sofia giving Bella a bath.

8. Do you need a dog who is good with children? 

Yes, from talking to other Boston Owners and my own personal experience a Boston is a great family dog.

Check out this article I wrote; Are Boston Terriers Aggressive? (In this article I surveyed 50 Boston Terrier owners and asked them things related to how their Boston reacts to people, cats, and children specifically). 

9. Are you ok with a dog who will drool when they want your food? 

Yes. Boston’s are not known for their drooling. However, if they are hungry and they’re anticipating food, they will start drooling excessively.

Check out this article explaining everything; Do Boston Terriers Drool? Everything You Need To Know.

10. Are you ok with a dog who must live indoors? 

Yes. The Boston Terrier breed is not an outdoor living dog. These dogs do not do well in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

11. Are you ok with buying a dog who is not hypoallergenic? 

Yes. While Boston’s shed less than most dogs, they are not hypoallergenic. The hypoallergenic breeds do not shed. If you would still like to have a Boston but need to know how to reduce pet dander, check out this article covering what I do; 7 Steps To Reducing Pet Dander.

12. Are you ok with a dog who may have allergies? 

Yes. Bella suffers from a wheat allergy, so we have to feed her a special grain-free diet. Allergies in Boston’s are common, and it seems to be different depending on which owner you talk to. All you need to know is that your Boston can have allergies.

13. Are you ok with a dog who licks a lot? 

Yes. Your Boston will lick you to death. I’m personally not a fan of being licked, but others are. Be aware that this is going to happen.

Here is an article I wrote on how to stop your dog from licking everything, Stop The Licks!

14. Are you ok with a dog who snores?

Yes. Boston Terriers are big-time snorers. I used to joke that it was like having a 50-year-old man in our bedroom. Here is a video below showing you exactly what I mean.

15. Are you ok with a dog who farts?

Yes. Boston’s are known for their gas. Their farts could clear a room. If you want to stop your Boston from farting, here is an article I wrote outlining what we do, Stop The Farts!

16. Do you need a dog who is easy to train?

Yes. Bella has been easy to train, but you do need to stay consistent in your training to make it work. Meaning if you train your dog to stay off the couch, make sure you never give in. If you do give in, your Boston will quickly revert back to their old ways.

Also, I asked 50 Boston Terrier owners this question, Is Your Boston Easy To Train, a vast majority said yes.

If you want to see all the questions and answers in this Boston Terrier Owners survey, click here; Boston Owner’s Survey.

17. Do you need a dog who can be independent at times?

Yes. Boston’s can, at times, be very independent. When I’m at home, Bella can do her own thing while my family and I do ours.

However, if you sit on the couch, this is when their independence goes away, and they need to be right next to you.

18. Are you ok with a dog who reverse sneezes?

Yes. Here is a video of me explaining what a reverse sneeze is and what to do.

19. Are you willing to put in the time to help your dog overcome separation anxiety?

Yes. Most Boston owners I have talked to say their dog has some level of separation anxiety. Be aware that it is ok to have a dog with separation anxiety, but you will need to do some extra training to help them cope with this fear.

I had one Boston owner swear that crate training was what helped their Boston overcome separation anxiety. However, that was not my experience, it made it worse.

My point is every dog is different, and you will need to try multiple approaches to see what works best for your Boston.

Check out this article I wrote on separation anxiety; Boston Terrier Separation Anxiety: Guide To Understanding.

20. Do you want a dog who is active 24 hours a day?

No. Boston’s do have spurts of energy, but they are not a wired dog. Plan on your Boston sleeping most of the day, even when you’re at home with them. However, when they are younger, less than two, they will do a lot of zoomies. 

Here is a zoomie…

Final thoughts…

Boston’s are one of the best breeds if you are looking for a fun family dog that is small, sturdy, entertaining, loving, and great with children. And please remember that all dogs are a little different. While all Boston’s share some common traits and characteristics, like zoomies, each dog can be very different.

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