Are Boston Terriers Hyperactive or High-Energy?

When considering the right dog breed to fit your lifestyle and needs, the energy level is one of the most important characteristics to consider.

Picking a dog breed to match your energy level is critical to ensure you don’t get frustrated with your dog. 

Are Boston Terriers hyperactive?
Bella as a puppy.

If you are someone who likes to lay around the house it probably isn’t a good idea to get a high energy dog who needs lots of exercise.

Are Boston Terriers hyperactive or high-energy?

Many owners say their Boston Terrier is hyperactive. However, Boston’s are not a high-energy dog breed. Technically, Boston Terriers are a medium energy dog. They love to cuddle and lay around the house in sunspots, yet they can have bursts of energy.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what real owners say about hyperactivity and energy levels in their Boston’s…

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boston terrier hyperactivity.
Bella being not so energetic.

Boston Terrier Hyperactivity And Energy Level

While Boston Terriers are medium energy dogs, owners tend to say something different about these little cuties.

When it comes to my Boston, Bella, she is the right mix of a couch potato, and then all of a sudden, she is ready to play hard.

Here is what Boston Terrier owners say about their dog

To give you a better idea of the hyperactivity level in Boston Terriers.

I thought it would be a great idea to poll the Boston Terrier Society’s Twitter and Facebook community. 

Here is what I found out…



All in all Boston Terrier owners have overwhelmingly said their Boston is hyperactive. 

I tend to think this hyperactive statement may be from a general lack of exercise rather than constant hyperactivity in the breed.

It does not take much to tire this breed out. A simple game of frisbee as well as a long walk is enough to send your Boston to its water bowl and then straight to its bed.

DO NOT let this discourage you from getting a Boston. These hyperactive statements from owners can be corrected with proper exercise.

How to determine a dog’s energy level

Here is how to determine a dog’s energy level. 

Also, all the dog breeds listed below is based on the exercise needs of the breed. The exercise needs came from recommendations by the American Kennel Club.

Low Energy

A low energy dog would be one that is laying around most of the day. I would classify as the snuggler or couch potato. With age, I would categorize Bella as a low energy dog. 

She naps most of the day, yet enjoys a short walk once or twice a day, and she is very content.

French Bulldog are a low energy dog breed.
French Bulldog is a calm (low-energy) dog breed.

5 Low Energy Dog Breeds

According to the American Kennel Club, here are five low energy dog breeds.

  1. Basset Hound
  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  1. Pekingese
  1. Tibetan Spaniel
  1. French Bulldog

Medium Energy

A medium energy dog would be laid back most the time, but have bursts of energy. They can be good at most canine activities like running and playing in moderation.

Pugs and Boston Terriers are considered medium-energy dog breeds.

5 Medium Energy Dog Breeds

According to the American Kennel Club, here are five medium energy dog breeds. This is based on the exercise needs of the dog breed.

  1. Boston Terrier
  1. Pug
  1. Japanese Chin
  1. English Toy Spaniel
  1. Chihuahua

High Energy

A high energy dog is defined as one that is always ready to go. Even after adequate exercise, these dogs never seem to tire.

Dogs that are high energy can play day and night and love to be mentally and physically challenged. 

Australian Shepherd's are considered a high-energy dog breed.
Australian Shepherd’s are considered a high-energy dog breed.

5 High Energy Dog Breeds

According to the American Kennel Club, here are five high energy dog breeds.

  1. Australian Shepherd
  1. Labrador Retriever
  1. Golden Retriever
  1. Weimaraner
  1. Pointer

Are Boston Terriers high-energy?

Boston Terriers are not a high-energy dog. Technically, Boston Terriers are a medium energy dog. They love to cuddle, get and give affection, yet can have bursts of energy and run around the house, aka zoomies

Boston Terrier Zoomies On YouTube!

Why would someone think a Boston Terrier is high-energy?

One thing that may be mistaken for high energy is their eagerness to please and outgoing personalities. 

It is common to see Boston Terriers jump, be excited, and seek attention or affection. 

Just like people, Boston Terriers have different personalities and energy level needs. 

Factors that may affect your Boston’s energy level

Some factors to consider are age. 


A younger dog will have copious amounts of energy compared to an older dog. 

I remember Bella being a very young puppy, and I thought all she did was eat, sleep, and poop. Just like a newborn baby. 

Then, as she grew, she had energy. She loved to go on walks. If she had excess pent up energy, she would be bouncing off the walls at night. 

She would have bursts of energy for 5-10 minutes, with her ears back, tongue flopping, and running as fast as her little legs would carry her all throughout the 600 sq foot apartment. 

It was a sight to see. 

Young Adult

As a young dog, if she had been resting for an extended period, and we tried to work with her, she would seem distracted and stubborn.  

With training, the best way to get her calm and ready to learn was to walk her for at least 30 minutes before. 

By training and properly socializing your Boston Terrier while it is young, as well as proper walking or exercise, you will have a calmer and happier dog. 

Boston Terrier being a couch potato.
Bella and Donnie being couch potatoes.

Adulthood & Old Age

Bella being 10 years old now she is much calmer. She will nap most of the day and be very content with two walks a day. 

Disclaimer, exercise needs vary from pet to pet. Some dogs you can walk once or twice a day, and they would be fine while others may need longer walks, runs, or playtime. 

Important Note On Exercise Needs

I will tell you just letting your Boston out in the backyard to “play” or tossing a toy for 5 minutes will not be enough to expend their energy. 

Not allowing your Boston to exercise in some way will leave them frustrated, antsy, and can lead to undesirable behaviors. 

How should I calm a hyperactive Boston Terrier?

When your dog is having a burst of energy or appearing hyperactive, they are trying to communicate with you that they need to move around before they lose it. 

If not, this can lead to an anxious or insecure dog. One thing for sure is do NOT yell at your dog or punish it for being hyper. 

Boston Terriers are known for being sensitive to correction. 

The best thing for both of you is to put on those walking shoes and go for a walk. 

Even more enjoyable ways to expend energy could include 

  • Agility
  • Throwing a ball
  • Canine sports like rally or fly ball.

In 2020, I did an interview with a Boston Terrier owner who trains her Boston’s to do agility courses. Boston’s do great with agility training. They thrive at the sport. 

Want to learn more calming tips? Check out this article I wrote, 7 Tips To Calm A Hyper Boston Terrier.

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are not a high-energy dog. Technically, Boston Terriers are a medium energy dog. 

They love to cuddle, get, and give affection, yet can have bursts of energy.

One thing that may be mistaken for high energy is their eagerness to please and outgoing personalities. 

Easy fun ways to expend their energy would be walking, agility, and canine sports. 

Hopefully, some of these points will help you determine whether the Boston Terrier is the right breed for you.

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