Are Boston Terriers Sensitive? Hear What 200+ Owners Say

Are you wondering if a Boston Terrier is sensitive? Well, the short answer is, YES!

Whether you are curious because you already own a Boston or you are thinking about getting a Boston puppy, this article has you covered.

Are Boston Terriers Sensitive
Bella being sensitive.

Are Boston Terriers Sensitive?

The Boston Terrier is a sensitive dog breed. This breed should only be trained with positive reinforcement using words of praise and affirmation.

Learn more about the emotional sensitivity of Boston Terriers…

The Emotional Sensitivity Of Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are a sensitive dog breed here are some of the nuances you will want to learn before you get a Boston.

However, if you already have a Boston, you will still want to learn these nuances before beginning any kind of training.

What Boston Owners Say About The Emotional Sensitivity Of Their Boston Terrier.

I was able to poll the Boston Terrier Society’s community on Facebook as well as Twitter. 

The overwhelming response by these owners was, YES; their Boston Terrier is emotionally sensitive.

Facebook Results

Twitter Results

Are you deterred from owning a Boston Terrier now that you know they are a sensitive dog breed? POLL

What The American Kennel Club Says About A Boston Terriers Emotional Sensitivity.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Boston Terrier breed is

“quite sensitive, for them (a Boston Terrier) gentle correction should be followed by warmth and praise”

when implementing any type of training.

What Is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Positive reinforcement training is the simple process of praising a dog for doing something right and ignoring it when doing something wrong.

The idea of positive reinforcement training is that a dog is naturally going to want to do things it gets praise for. 

Plus, with this type of training, a clicker, belly rub, or even a treat can be used to reinforce this good behavior.

To me, this type of training makes sense. I react more positively when someone says kind words when I’m doing something right, instead of harsh reprimands to learn when I did something wrong.

Recommended Dog Treats
Bella wanting a treat.

Why You Need To Train Your Boston This Way.

The positive reinforcement training must be used on Boston Terriers

This is because any yelling or shaming a Boston can lead it to shut down and put them into an extreme state of anxiety.

Once your Boston is in this state of anxiety, no learning can take place. 

Example Of Positive Reinforcement Training When It Comes To Potty Training.

Ok, let’s say you are potty training your Boston Terrier. If you catch your dog peeing on the rug, DO NOT yell at the dog. Or do anything out of the ordinary.

You will simply pick your Boston up and take it to the place where it is supposed to go to the bathroom. Then you will clean up the pee mess thoroughly without a fuss.

Now, if you are with your Boston and it goes potty exactly where it is supposed to, you praise your Boston and offer some reward.

Reward Ideas

  • Clicker – a clicker can be used to send a unique message to the dog that it has done something right.
  • Words of praise – you want these words to be the same every time they do something you like.
  • Good Boy; Good Girl
  • Good Job
  • I love you
  • Etc…
  • Belly rubs or Kisses
Boston Terrier ready to be trained.
Bella is ready for some training.

Ready To Train Your Boston Terrier?

Check out these articles from Boston Terrier Society on how to train your Boston Terrier to…

What Can Hurt A Boston Terriers Feelings?

If you are wanting to avoid hurting your Boston Terriers’ feelings, check out what these Boston owners say about their dog and its hurt feelings.

Many of these examples are exaggerated and FUNNY. Still, it gives you an idea of what to expect when it comes to this breed’s temperament.

But first, here are some reasons my Boston, Bella, gets her feelings hurt.

  • Not being allowed to sit in my lap.
  • Not being allowed to lick me for hours after I come in from a run.
  • Not being allowed to have another scoop of food.

What the Boston Terrier Society’s Facebook Community says

My Boston Terrier has hurt feelings anytime…

  • It can not be held.
  • It can not lick us.
  • If I stop throwing the ball even though it has been playing catch for an hour.
  • If our Boston ever gets in trouble.
  • If our Boston does not get to ride in the golf cart.
  • When my Boston can’t go for a car ride.
  • When she can’t find her blanket.
  • When I don’t share my food.
  • If you ever say, “What did you do?”
  • When you give them a look like they did something they were not supposed to.

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are a sensitive dog breed. However, do not let this discourage you from getting one of these wonderful dogs.

Although they are sensitive, they are happy and confident little animals. Any other dog breed can not match the personality of a Boston.

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