15 Ways To Keep Your Boston Terrier Busy When At Work

We all know the sad feeling of our alarm clock telling us it’s time to leave our pets at home and make our way to work. What is worse is knowing our companions are likely lying around bored while waiting for us to return home. 

If you want to improve your Boston Terriers day and give them something to look forward to while you’re away, then here are some suggestions. 

15 Ways To Keep Your Boston Terrier Busy When At Work

I have come up with fifteen ideas that are sure to make time spent away from your dog easier on the both of you. These ideas will give you a sense of security and your dog a sense of fun.

Get Some New Toys

The most ideal solution to any type of boredom involving a pet is to go to the store and choose some new toys. These toys can be repeats of their old favorites or something completely unique. 

Either way, this gives your dog something new to play with while you are toiling away at your desk job. New toys can be introduced on a weekly or bi-weekly cycle to keep your pet from getting bored. 

To keep things inexpensive, check out your local pet shops clearance bin to find a variety of toys that won’t cost you tons of money. It’s also good to get a variety of toys such as balls, plushies, and toys that make various noises.

Leave The TV On

If you have a dog that hates silence, then leave your TV on. This is mine and Emily’s goto for Bella. I never leave the house without turning on the TV.

You can choose to play videos on Netflix or just pick a channel and let the shows play throughout the day. This gives your dog some background noise that will often contain human voices. 

While a TV will never be a substitute for you, it can help your dog feel more at home than sitting in a quiet house for hours one end. 

Make sure to never leave the TV on an active channel that is prone to making sudden loud noises as this can frighten your Boston Terrier.

If you don’t think your dog would enjoy the typical TV programs, then use Youtube to access pet-friendly channels. There are several channels dedicated to creating long videos geared towards entertaining dogs while their owners are at work. Below are three of these exciting videos for dogs.

3 Pet-Friendly YouTube Channels

Dog Chill Out TV! Entertainment for Bored Dogs, Nature Visuals Combined with Relaxing Music for Dogs

TV For Dogs: Interactive Dog TV | 7 Hours of Entertainment

Videos for Dogs to Watch Extravaganza: Dog Watch TV – 8 Hours of Birds and Squirrel Fun for Dogs ✅

Play Some Music

It may be easier for you to play music while you’re gone. With a radio, you don’t have to worry about your device automatically powering down. It’s best to leave a radio on soft music if you have a nervous dog, although some pets, Bella, my Boston, tend to like listening to more upbeat pop music. 

If you have a Spotify account, then you will even be able to change the songs throughout the day remotely. This can ensure that the music doesn’t wander into heavier realms that your pet may not enjoy. You can also choose just to use the sounds of nature to provide a relaxing mood.

3 YouTube Videos Offer Relaxing & Calming Dog Music

Many YouTube channels also create soundtracks for dogs. These videos are not meant to be watched but listened to by your dog. The music is meant to calm and relax your Boston Terrier.

15 HOURS of Deep Separation Anxiety Music for Dog Relaxation! Helped 4 Million Dogs Worldwide! NEW!

The ULTIMATE Playlist of Relaxing Music for Dogs! Helped 10 Million Dogs!

How To Relax Your Dog: INSTANT Relaxation Music for Your Pup!

Get A Pet Camera

To keep your pet more entertained, you should try and understand what they do when your not home. A pet camera will allow you to check-in on your pet to see if they are just laying around or actually engaging with their surroundings. 

By tuning in, you can see if leaving the TV on or providing them with new toys is actually working. If you notice your dog is still lying around, then you can start to look into other options to get them up and moving while you’re stuck at work. 

Some pet cameras can be bought for incredibly low prices off of sites like Amazon.

Furbo Review


Furbo is the number one dog camera I see online. I personally do not use this, but it looks pretty awesome. If you don’t care about the treat aspect, a simple camera will work just fine, and it will be cheaper for you.

What is nice about the Furbo is it allows you to talk to your dog and throw them a treat. It will make you Boston feel like you’re at home.

Petcube Review

Petcubes are an innovative pet interaction machine that lets you check-in with not only your dog while you’re at work, but all pets. It allows you to mount it to the wall as well as put a variety of treats in its dispenser.

All you need is to download the app and have access to an internet connection to get started. The pet cube will give you a live video stream of your dog and even allow you to talk with them. 

Also, you can get the machine to dispense treats so that your dog gets rewarded while you’re away. While Petcube’s are a bit on the expensive side, they can be especially helpful if you have a nervous pet. 

Check out the Petcube on Amazon here for pricing and features, Petcube.

Petzchat Review

Petzchatz is a step-up from the Petcube. It allows you to voice chat and dispense treats on a whim. With Petzchat, you can also two-way video chat with your pet, and your feed will display on the machine. This way, you can let your pet see you no matter where you’re at. 

While some dogs are perplexed by you living in the tiny machine, they are often glad to be able to see their owners even if they don’t understand why their kisses aren’t working. 

Make sure to set-up the Petzchatz before you leave so you can have uninterrupted video streaming at any time of the day. Be aware though the Petzchatz can cost upwards of $350.

Hide Treats

In the wild, dogs used to scavenge for their food. This behavior can be used to your advantage to keep your dog moving around after you leave for the day. A few minutes before you walk out the door, make time to hide some treats. 

You will want to hide these treats in an area that your dog can easily access. You should also make sure only to use treats with a strong smell that your dog will easily be able to sniff out. Be sure not to hide treats behind items that can easily be broken or in places where your Boston Terrier will be tempted to dig to unveil their prize.

Schedule A Walk

If your dog does not like being left alone all day, who does, then consider giving them a break. To do this, you can find a dog walker in your area to come in during the middle of the day. The walker can give your pet some socialization time and take them out to get some exercise.

Check online sites like Rover to find highly rated walkers and see their various rates. Depending on how long you want your dog to be walked for each day, prices can fluctuate. 

You can even request for your dog to be walked with others to give them some extra entertainment. Some walkers will also take your pet to the park for an additional fee.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to screen every dog walker before you hire them. You want to ensure you hire the best walker you can find. Here is an article I wrote that can help you find the best dog walker, 25 Questions You Should Ask Your Dog Walker.

Average Price Of Dog Walkers

The average price of a dog walker is pretty reasonable. According to Angie’s List, the average dog walker charges between $20 to $30 for a half-hour walk with your dog.

Book A Sitter

If the walker isn’t enough, then you can go a step further and book a sitter. Dog sitters can come to your home, or you can drop your Boston Terrier off with the dog sitter. 

By allowing a sitter to stay part or the whole day with your dog, you can ensure that they won’t be lonely. Many sitters can also be found on sites like Rover. These sites let you see feedback from other pet parents who used their services. 

This can ensure that you pick a sitter who will actually interact with your dog throughout the day. You can even pay a sitter to take your dog to the vet, groomers, or the park.

Try Doggy Daycare

If you’re not to keen on the idea of a stranger in your house or watching your dog, then look into doggy daycares. These facilities are professionally trained to watch your dog until you can pick them up after work. 

Many doggy daycares will have multiple dogs in a room at a time so that your pet can make some new friends. 

Also, the daycare’s employees are often trained professionals who can work with your dog during the day. For an extra fee, you may even be able to have obedience lessons given while you’re at work. 

Helpful Article: If you are unsure if Doggy Daycare is right for your Boston Terrier check out this guide I wrote, Is Doggy Daycare Worth The Cost?

Have A Spa Day

If your dog just needs a break from the monotony once in a while, then consider booking them a monthly spa day. At a pet spa, you can drop your pet off early in the morning for a full day of grooming. 

The groomer will bathe, dry, and cut your dog’s nails. You can also have them brush your Boston Terrier’s teeth. This can be a great way to get your pet some extra interaction while giving them the grooming they need. 

Even when your dog is kenneled, most groomers will check on them several times in an hour to ensure they are happy and healthy. Also, you may even be able to book the spa day at a daycare facility to give your pet some additional playtime with other dogs.

Set-up A Play Date

If you have a friend who has a dog, then you can easily request a play date. This way, you can drop your dog off with a friend who is familiar with your pet. Chances are your dog, and theirs have already met, so your Boston Terrier will be ecstatic at the idea of spending the day with its friend. 

You can even schedule a rotating play date so that the dogs spend time with different owners at different houses. This way, both dogs are happy and get attention while their owners are working or running errands.

Provide Chews

Another more perfect answer to alleviating boredom is to provide your pet with a chew. This can be great if you find that your Boston Terrier gets a bit destructive when left alone. 

You can even choose to get flavored chews to entice your pet to munch on their new toy when your away. 

Be careful about providing bones as a chew because they can splinter. The fragments from the bone can end up choking your pet. Any chew that breaks into smaller pieces should only be given to your dog under strict supervision to ensure they aren’t hurt.

Leave Plenty Of Food And Water

While you shouldn’t overfeed your dog, you can portion their food so that they can have a snack while you’re at work. By providing them with fresh food and clean water, you can ensure that all your dog’s needs will be taken care of, even if you have to stay a bit late. 

If your dog tends to drink through their water quickly, then look into buying a pet fountain to keep a continuous supply of fresh flowing water available to them. Likewise, you can also look into getting a timed feeder. These feeders can be programmed to open at certain times of the day to ensure your pet doesn’t eat all their food as soon as you leave the house.

Pet Fountain Review

Dog Feeder Review

Try A Puzzle

If you need to stimulate your Boston Terrier mentally, then try giving them a puzzle toy. This toy can be filled with treats that your dog must work for. If they can successfully solve the food puzzle, then they will be able to get the prize. 

Depending on the type of puzzle toy you choose, it can end up providing hours of entertainment for your pet. If you want you can even buy multiple puzzles to give your dog back to back entertainment. 

Just be aware that giving them a hard puzzle can lead to chewing on the toy out of frustration. You should do some trial runs while your home to help your pet navigate their newest toy.

Get Another Dog

One of the best things you can do for a lonely Boston Terrier is to get them a friend. 

Full disclosure: this is what Emily and I have been talking about since Bella was a one-year-old, and here were are a decade later with only Bella at our side.

This should only be done if your 100% confident that you want another pet. It can be healthy for both dogs. Dogs are pack animals by nature and prefer to be around others at all times. 

Giving your Boston another member to add to their pack helps them feel safer and less lonely during the day. Keep in mind that some anxious dogs may still not be happy when you leave, even if they have a friend. 

Be sure to introduce the dogs if possible before bringing another pet home to ensure that they will get along. If the meeting goes successfully, then you will have double the love and a great way to keep your dog happy while you’re at work.

Calming Chews

I mention this at the end with some hesitation, but here it is. If you have a very unhappy Boston when you leave, you may need to consult your veterinarian to see if giving them some calming chews would be a good idea.

There are many calming chews you can buy online without the need of vet approval. However, I would recommend consulting your vet before you begin self-medicating your dog.

Also, you may want to check out this article I wrote about how to deal with a Boston Terrier with separation anxiety, Boston Terrier Separation Anxiety: Guide To Understanding.

Final thoughts…

Keeping your Boston busy while you’re at work or even running errands is essential to their wellbeing. You do not need to spend a lot of money to keep your Boston busy, you just need to think outside to box to create some stimulation for them while away.

I hope this article helped you, and if you would like to read more great articles, check out the ones below. And as always, be sure to subscribe to the Boston Terrier Society newsletter to get the latest about community events and contests.

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