Cindy’s Review Of Owning Two Boston Terriers Peyton & Walter

Hey everyone, in this special article Cindy Bush from Washington, Pennsylvania gives us her review of raising Peyton & Walter her Boston Terriers

Peyton is 10 years old and Walter is 5 years old. Both are purebreds.

Women with a baby boston terrier.
Cindy with her baby Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier Review

How Big Are Your Boston’s?

Peyton is 25 pounds. 

Walter is 28 pounds.

I paid $400.00 for Peyton. 

I paid $1,100.00 for Walter. 

Are Your Boston Terriers Registered With The American Kennel Club?

Peyton is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Walter’s litter was registered with American Kennel Club.

Where Did You Get Your Boston’s From? Breeder, Friend, Pet Store, Rescue

Both Walter and Peyton came from breeders. Walter is a Blue Boston so those puppies were a lot more expensive. 

Two Boston Terriers Under a blanket.
Peyton & Walter Under The Blankets In Typical Boston Fashion

How Much Money Do You Spend Annually On Your Boston Terriers? Add up vet visits, medications, toys, food, pet sitter, etc…

A good ballpark guess is $3000 for 2 Bostons. 

What Kind Of Food Did You Feed Peyton & Walter As A Puppy?

Blue Buffalo Puppy Dry food.

What Kind Of Food Do You Feed Peyton & Walter As Adults?

We have been using Chewy’s own brand – American Journey Lamb and Brown Rice dry food with 2T of American Journey Lamb Sweet Potato canned

Why Did You Decide To Get A Boston?

I used to do Pet Therapy with Buster the Boston as a nurse with my patients. Fell in love with the breed. Buster’s owners decided to breed Boston Terriers. I got the only male in her first litter. Peyton – my heart ❤️

How Would You Describe Peyton & Walter’s Personality?

Peyton does everything quickly, loves everyone, a genius (he really is), eager to please, is not fond of being left alone and seriously; I can reason with him. 

Walter is slow and pokey but can run like the wind if he wants to. He is more reserved but ends up loving most people and dogs. 

Walter is smarter than he lets on. He loves Peyton even more than he loves me. He has not had an accident since he was four months old. 

Both are really good boys. 

What Is The Best Memory You Have Of Peyton & Walter?

Peyton saved my life after I became very ill. Very long story but keep that in the back of your mind, Peyton owns my heart. 

The best memory I have of Walter is meeting his breeder to bring him home. I was in love at first sight. 

What Do You Do For Exercise? 

Our yard is fenced so they can investigate interesting smells and run around on their own. I do play fetch with them several times a day. If it’s not too hot or cold we go on walks. 

two boston terriers in winter sweater. Very festive.
Peyton & Walter are ready for winter.

Were Peyton & Walter Easy To Train?


Peyton learned everything quickly, except for how NOT to go the bathroom in his crate. He was in his crate while I was at work for 8 hours. 

I ended up blocking off the kitchen and Peyton did better with pads while I worked. 

Peyton never chewed up anything. 


I was home with Walter so he picked up on housebreaking a lot faster. 

Wally chewed the corners of my Ethan Allen coffee table but nothing else. 

How Long Do You Leave Peyton & Walter Alone For The Day?

I rarely am gone longer than 4 hours at a time. They are left out alone and behave themselves well. 

How Does Peyton & Walter Do Around Other Adults And Kids?

Both boys love everyone. I never had an issue with them.

Would you say a Boston Terrier is a good pet? Why or Why Not?

The best at least for me.

Grooming is easy – I trim their nails at least once a month. 

Extremely intelligent – easy to train and eager to please. 

Very loving – they want to be around you and you better like kisses. 

Adaptable – if you’re active they will be too. If you’re resting so will they. 

Is A Boston Terrier A Good Pet For A First Time Pet Owner? Why or Why Not?

I would say so. For the same reasons, they are good pets. 

As long as you have time to spend with them (as with any dog) and make it fun, you should have a great relationship. 

Who Do You Think Would Benefit From Owning A Boston Terrier? 

Any person or family that spends quality time with their Boston. 

An active owner would be nice but counterproductive if they are so active they are rarely home. 

This breed of dog needs love, consistency, and rules. 

Do You Have Other Pets? If So Does Peyton & Walter Get Along With Them?

We have a cockatiel. When he is out of the cage I keep his door closed to the room he’s in. 

I do not trust Peyton with him. Walter maybe. It works out fine. 

Does Peyton & Walter Bark, If So When?

They bark less than most dogs but always when someone knocks on the door. 

Does Peyton & Walter Have Any Medical Conditions Or Allergies?

Both of my boys have allergies to grass. During Spring to early Summer, they lick their paws to excess. Both take Benadryl or if severe Apoquel

Peyton was diagnosed with an inoperable Mast Cell Tumor 3 years ago which is common in Boston Terriers. 

He takes Benadryl & Famotidine daily and has his tumor injected with steroids every 2 months.

So far Peyton is doing great!

How Would You Describe Your Boston’s Energy Levels?

They play with each other most mornings, depending on the weather (both hate rain) they run around outside. If I sit down I’m throwing a toy to be fetched. 

In between activities they sleep and snore loudly. 

What is one thing your Boston does that annoys you or upsets you? 

Jump up at me or guests when they are excited. It’s something we are STILL working on. 

Anything else you would like to say?…

They can be very gassy. Boston’s are quite comedic. Make learning fun and that’s half the battle. 

Very smart BUT can be stubborn and try your patience. 

If they are engaged in something you may need to call them repeated times. 

Boston Terriers have ruined me for other dogs. 

I love them. 

women holding a boston terrier puppy

How To Reach Cindy Bush

You can talk to Cindy by checking out her Twitter profile.

Twitter @IAmCindyBush

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are amazing dogs and they bring so much joy to their family members. Learning what other Boston owners do with their Boston’s is helpful. 

It allows us to share tips and get a better insight into owning a Boston.

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