Best Clothes To Prepare Your Boston Terrier For Winter

Do you own a Boston Terrier? If you do or are about to own one you will need to plan its wardrobe for winter. Yes, Boston Terriers need clothes for when they go outside in cold temperatures. 

Boston Terriers are not outside dogs. These dogs are made for the indoors with their short and thin coat. Bella, my Boston, needs a jacket anytime it snows as well as temperatures below 25 degrees. And when I say she needs a jacket for the snow, I mean she will not go outside if she does not have her jacket on. Bella is a little stubborn at times, but she knows what she likes. 

Best Clothes To Prepare Your Boston Terrier For Winter
Bella looking at the snow. Dad, I’m not going out there without a coat!

What size of clothes do you need to get for a Boston Terrier?

In general, you can choose Boston Terrier clothes on their weight. And many clothing items are labeled a size based on a dog’s weight. Use the chart below to help you determine the right size outfit for your Boston.

XXSUnder 5 lbs
XS5 – 10 lbs
S10 – 25 lbs
M25 – 55 lbs
L55 – 75 lbs
XL75+ lbs 

Source: PETCO

How to use measurements to find your dog’s clothing size?

Some clothes items will be sized based on your dog’s measurements. Here is a chart to help you determine your dog’s size based on their measurements. 

However, be sure to always check the company’s measurement chart before you order clothing. There is no standard so each company or designer may be different, especially if you are buying on Etsy.


Source: Petsmart

Winter Clothes For Boston Terriers

Gooby – Fashion Vest, Small Dog Sweater Bomber Jacket Coat with Stretchable Chest, Black, Large

Gooby – Wind Parka, Fleece Lined Small Dog Jacket Coat Sweater with Water Resistant Shell and Leash Ring, Green, Large

Namsan Dog Warm Coat,Dog Jacket,Winter Dog Clothes,Cold Weather Dog Jacket for Small Dogs, M

Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest for Small Dogs, Red, Medium

Fleece Dog Coat Reflective Cold Weather Dog Jacket Apparel for Extra Large to Small Pets(Grey,S)

RC Pet Products Venture Outerwear Fleece Lined, Reflective, Water Resistant Dog Coat, Size 14, Electric Blue

Should you get dog shoes for Boston Terriers?

In my personal experience, No. Anytime we have put shoes on Bella she starts to do the funny dog dance, she is not a fan. We bought Bella some dog shoes back in 2012 and she wore them about three times before we had to abandon the shoes.

The concept and idea of shoes for dogs is great. And if you can get your Boston to wear them in extremely cold temperature, great. However, if you live in an area that rarely drops below freezing and you only take your Boston out to go the bathroom and come right back in I think shoes are unnecessary. 

Final thoughts…

Clothes are a must for Boston Terriers during the winter months. Your Boston will likely protest if you do not cloth them in extremely cold temperatures. It is better to be prepared even with a simple fleece for when they go outside.

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