20 Reasons Boston Terriers Are The Best Dog Breed In America

Boston Terriers are a wonderful breed of dog that many owners around the world are already celebrating due to their adorable looks and personality. 

There are several different reasons to consider adding a Boston Terrier to your family, and we listed several of them below. 

20 Reasons Boston Terriers Are The Best Dog Breed In America

Remember that every dog will have their own personality, but Boston Terriers have been shown to show most if not all of the reasons below.

Here Is Why The Boston Terrier Is The Best Dog Breed In America!

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20 Reasons Bostons Are The Best Dog Breed

#1 They’re An All American Breed

The Boston Terrier was the first breed to be officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893, but the breed has been around since at least 1875.

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Boston Terrier With A Boy

#2 They Are Known As The American Gentleman

These dogs are commonly nicknamed the “American Gentleman” due to their coat colorings. Many Boston Terrier lovers often find themselves joking about how it looks like their pet is always wearing a tuxedo.

Always Dressed Up To Impress!

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#3 They Are Extremely Funny

The breed is known for being funny and brings many of their owners joy and laughter every single day. Boston Terriers are just funny dogs that enjoy doing things to make their owners giggle. 

This includes letting out awkwardly timed toots and engaging in bizarre antics.

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Boston Terriers Being Funny Video On YouTube

#4 They Are Extremely Loyal

This breed is known for being a people pleaser. They want nothing more than to make their owner happy. When they tear something up or even sense their own is unhappy with them, they tend to act guilty, even if you haven’t figured out what they’ve done wrong yet.

Me, Bella, and Baby Samuel

#5 They Love To Be By Your Side

Boston Terriers are versatile dogs that love to be right beside their owner. Whether their family likes to sit around watching TV or spends most of their time outside, Boston Terriers are happy to be right there in the action with them. 

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#6 Bostons Are Small But Can Do Great Things

These dogs are the best of both worlds in terms of size. Most Boston Terriers weigh around 15 to 25 pounds, making them small enough for apartment life but big enough to go hiking. Just be sure that the activity you want to do is appropriate before diving in.

Watch this Boston go on a hike…

Boston Terrier On An Adventure Video

#7 They Tend Not To Bark

Boston Terriers are a mostly quiet breed of dogs that don’t spend a lot of time barking. While they will let owners know when they need something, they won’t bark at other dogs or when they meet new people unless a stranger is coming up to your door. This is also a huge plus for people living in a close neighborhood or who are still in an apartment. 

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Boston Terrier Barking Information Video

#8 They’re An Amazing Family Dog

Bostons are a great dog to choose for a family, especially if they have young kids. Their gentle nature makes them perfect for families with infants or toddlers. They also can make a great choice for older families as they aren’t as demanding as some other breeds.

#9 They Require Minimal Grooming

The Boston Terrier is a short hair breed, which will save you a lot of money on grooming. While they still may need an occasional bath, there is no heavy shedding to deal with, and many owners will be able to properly groom them without racking up expensive grooming bills.

Watch this video on Boston Terrier grooming needs…

Boston Grooming Needs YouTube Video

#10 They Need Clothes

Boston Terriers benefit from having clothing in the colder months of the years, and some even enjoy wearing booties. This means that they are a great choice for owners who love helping their best friend look trendy.

Boston Terrier Sporting A Sweet Outfit

Here are some great clothing options that your Boston Terrier is sure to love, Gooby Fleece Vest, Gooby Dog Hoodie, Gooby Fashion Dog Vest, and Gooby Padded Vest.

#11 Bostons Are Great Snugglers

Boston Terriers are always available for snuggles, no matter what time of year it is. They love to curl up on the couch or in bed with their owners and will spend hours laying around with you. The breed will need around 30 minutes of exercise a day, but the rest of the time, they are down to just lay around.

#12 They Are Smart And Intelligent

They are a highly intelligent breed that is able to easily understand their owners’ training and learn the house rules quickly. This is perfect for first-time dog owners, especially if they have never had any experience training a dog before, but be aware of their stubborn side.

#13 Bostons Have A Lot Of Personality 

Boston Terriers are dogs that love to show off their unique personalities. Both their playfulness and expressions help to show off how they feel. You can generally figure out how the breed feels just by watching them interact for a bit.

#14 Bostons Are Super-Cute

Boston Terriers are cute dogs who look like they are always dressed up to go to prom. They are literally a breed that radiates cuteness. 

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A Cute Boston Bride

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#15 They Don’t Smell Like Other Dogs

Boston Terrier owners have found that they have less of an odor than other dogs. This can be a huge plus, especially for owners who want a dog but are generally bothered by the smell.

#16 They Live A Long Life

This breed generally lives anywhere between 11 to 15 years, which is much longer than breeds like Saint Bernards.

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#17 They Love To Sunbathe

If the suns up, there is a chance that you will find your Boston Terrier lying in the sunlight. This breed loves to lounge around soaking up the rays, especially when it’s time to hang out outside.

Bella Sunbathing

#18 Zoomies

While zoomies may calm down a bit with age, when a Boston Terrier gets the zoomies, it’s hilarious. They will run from one room to another at lightning speed, and it’s something that is just plain fun to watch.

Watch this video about Boston Terrier Zoomies!…

Boston Terrier Zoomies

#19 They Are The State Dog Of Massachusetts

The Boston Terrier is the state dog of Massachusetts, and that is a huge honor, especially since there are so many breeds out there. This permanently makes them part of history.

#20 They Love Giving Kisses

If you are looking for a dog that wants to give you affection, then the Boston Terrier is perfect. These dogs love to lick, especially if it’s their owner. This breed will give you lots of kisses and isn’t afraid to show you just how much they love their home.

Final Thoughts

Boston Terriers are an all-around great dog breed. If you are trying to make a decision on whether or not this is the right dog breed for you don’t worry, choosing the Boston is a great choice. 

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