Are Boston Terriers Athletic? 100+ Owners Respond

Do you want to know the athleticism of a Boston Terrier? All in all, the Boston Terrier is a very athletic breed. 

While these dogs love being couch potatoes, they do enjoy running around all the same.

Are boston terriers athletic

Are Boston Terriers Athletic?

Yes, Boston Terriers are an athletic dog breed. Boston’s do better with agility sports that require short bursts of energy rather than prolonged exertion.

The Athletic Boston Terrier

While the Boston Terriers’ short nose is not designed in a way for this dog to run marathons. This breed, however, can do some other amazing athletic feats. 

What do owners say about their Boston Terrier being athletic?

I took this question to the Boston Terrier Society’s Twitter community, asking, Are Boston Terriers Athletic? I wanted to know specifically if these owners considered their Boston to be athletic.

The overwhelming response was, YES! Out of the hundreds of votes, these Boston lovers and owners agree that the Boston Terrier breed is athletic.

What type of athletic things can a Boston Terrier do?

There are several sports a Boston Terrier can do. Whether it is short sprints in a soccer field, running around cones, swimming, or going for a ride on a skateboard in the last case.

Take a look at these Boston Terriers in action…

Agility Training

Running Short Distances



Playing Frisbee

How long can a Boston Terrier workout?

In general, your Boston Terrier is going to need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day.

As for a specific time limit on how long your Boston can workout for? This truly depends on your Boston. You never want to go from doing nothing to exercising for two hours without rest.

You need to know your Boston. 

Follow these tips below to help keep your dog safe when working out.

5 Tips To Keep Your Boston Terrier Safe When Working Out

If you are inserting a strenuous exercise into your Boston’s daily workout plan, here are five tips to keep your Boston safe.

1) Talk To Your Veterinarian

I know what you might be thinking because I would think this, why? You probably are not going to talk to your vet before you decide one day to take your Boston for a game of frisbee in the park. I know I wouldn’t.

However, if you have a Boston who fits any of these characteristics. It might be a good idea to talk to your veterinarian first to see what they may recommend for exercise.

  • If your Boston has arthritis.
  • If your Boston is overweight.
  • If your Boston has any underlying health issues that you already know about.
Boston Terrier working out.
Bella watching us workout.

2) Start A New Workout Routine Gradually

First, you want to introduce a new training program gradually. Start off by doing any of the above activities for a short amount of time. 

For example, 10 minutes of frisbee. Then build up how long you play with your Boston over time.

You want your Boston to feel good but not exhausted. Working your Boston to exhaustion could have medical consequences.

3) Have Water And A Cup With You

Be sure to take a water bottle as well as a water cup for your Boston when you do go outside to play or workout. 

Emily and I have learned this the hard way. We had taken Bella to the park one summer day, and Emily was pouring water into my hands so Bella could drink. This was not a very effective way for Bella to drink. 

Having your dog’s own cup and water source is really helpful.

4) Avoid Working Out During The Hottest Part Of The Day

If you and your Boston are doing some sort of workout in the summer months, be sure to avoid the hottest part of that particular day. 

This will help ensure your Boston does not get heat exhaustion. 

Be sure to know what heat exhaustion looks like in a Boston Terrier. This is an article I wrote to help you spot heat exhaustion in your dog.

Note: If you are working out in the winter months, you will want to avoid the extremely cold days in that situation. Boston Terriers do not do well in extreme cold or heat.

5) Avoid Cold Starts

Just like humans who are about to workout, you need to do a proper warm-up. You never want to go from laying around the house all day to sprinting around the yard. 

Or if you drove to the dog park to play, you will want to walk your Boston around a little before allowing them to sprint around. 

This is especially true if the drive to the dog park is a long one.

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are very athletic little dogs. While this breed is not a race dog like a Greyhound, Boston’s do great in short agility courses.

If you are asking this athletic question because you are deciding to get a Boston Terrier, you need to do some further reflection.

Boston’s are great dogs for someone who wants a medium energy breed. Most of the time, this breed will lay around the house doing nothing. But at times, Boston’s also love to run around for a little while.

This breed would not be ideal for an avid runner, a hunter, any sports enthusiasts where you are in the extreme heat or cold.

helping boston terrier breeders

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