Are Boston Terriers Good Pets? An Owners Perspective

Are you thinking about getting a Boston Terrier, but unsure if they are a good pet for you and your family? I get asked this particular question a lot by people thinking about getting a Boston. 

Here is everything I can come up with to help you answer this question because this question is subjective as to what makes a good pet.

Are Boston Terriers Good Pets? An Owners Perspective. Boston Terrier Society
Me (Donnie), Sofia (Daughter), and Bella…Emily is working the camera.

Are Boston Terriers Good Pets?

Yes, Boston Terriers make great pets because of the love and affection they have to their family. Their small but muscular build makes them big enough to play with children yet small enough to not take up a lot of space in a home. Another plus is the low maintenance required for grooming Boston’s.

NOTE: If you want help deciding if a Boston Terrier is for you, take this 20 question quiz I created. If you score 100%, chances are a Boston is the right dog for you. Quiz: Should I Get A Boston?

Temperament & Personality

A Boston Terriers’ temperament and personality is one of love and affection. This breed is truly a family dog who needs to have affection from its owner’s. Expect this breed to be by your side anytime you sit on the couch. 

Boston’s love to play around the home and have fun if you have been around Boston’s before you may know the term, ZOOMIES. Zoomies are when a Boston goes from zero to a hundred miles an hour in 1 second. Here are some zoomie videos capturing the fun natured personality of a Boston.


How Are Boston’s With Kids?

Boston’s do great around kids. If you ask any Boston Owner, they will tell you the same thing; their Boston is a loving animal. My personal experience with Bella is she does great with kids. Now that I have two children under the age of two, Bella has only had one issue.

When Sofia was around nine months old, she held onto Bella’s skin and pulled. This pulling of Bella’s skin caused her to nip at Sofia’s forehead. There was no blood, just a red mark. 

After talking to our veterinarian about the incident, we did some training, and we have not had an issue since. We also ensure Sofia does not tug on Bella’s skin.

Asking Other Boston Terrier Owners

In a study, I conducted here on this site. I asked Boston Terrier owners, “Is Your Boston Good With Kids?”, here are the results.

Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids? Boston Terrier Society

How Are Boston’s With Other Pets?

From my personal experience, Boston’s do great around other pets as long as you introduce them in a safe environment where it is not forced.

If you need tips on how to introduce your dog to other dogs, check out the Humane Society’s article on How To Introduce Your Dog To Other Dogs.

Bella personally does great around dogs she knows but not ones we pass on the street. 

Asking Other Boston Terrier Owners

I asked 50 Boston Terrier Owners to share their experience with their Boston and other dogs as well as cats. Here are the results of the study.

Are Boston Terriers Aggressive toward other dogs? Boston Terrier Society
Are Boston Terriers Good With Cats? Boston Terrier Society

If you want to see, the full study check out, Boston Terrier Owners Survey.

Indoor Or Outdoor Living

Boston Terriers are 100% indoor dogs. Because of their short coats, Boston’s do not do well in outdoor living. Especially if you live in an area with extreme hot or cold temperatures. 

Bella hates the cold weather. And if it is raining outside, good luck getting her out to go to the bathroom. Your Boston will want their own umbrella.


Purebred Boston’s come in three different sizes. You have Boston’s who are 15 lbs and under, 15 lbs to 20 pounds, and 20 lbs to 25 pounds. This is how the American Kennel Club defines Boston sizes. 

However, if you have a mix, you could see yourself with a very small or huge Boston. Emily and I allowed Bella to get up to around 28 lbs, and she is a purebred.

Our vet had us reduce her food portions because she was overweight. So, if you like to feed your dogs, there is a chance they can tip that 25-pound mark like Bella.

Energy Level

Boston Terriers are right in the middle of the road when it comes to dogs and their energy levels. They are not a sedentary breed, nor do they have lots of energy to burn for days.

You will need to take your Boston on a good 30 to 60-minute walk daily. These half hours to hour walks will be sufficient exercise for your Boston.

However, the best sport for Boston’s is agility games. These games could be frisbee, ball throws, or agility training/ races.


If you are trying to find a dog based solely on the price, I have some good news for you. It is possible to find a Boston Terrier for only a couple hundred dollars. Still, it is also very easy to spend thousands for a Boston.

I’m very interested in numbers, so I looked into the cost of purchasing a Boston Terrier in three different ways. 

I searched out over 130 Boston Terriers sold online to find the average cost. Also, I surveyed 50 Boston Terrier Owners to find out how much they spent for their Boston. Then finally, my personal experience. Here are the results from all three.

Boston Terrier Cost Research

In the research for Boston Terrier costs, I looked at over 137 different breeders across the country. To keep the research numbers consistent, I only included purebred Boston Terriers.

Average Cost$1,299.68
Max Cost$3,299.00
Lowest Cost$350.00

Check out the cost article I wrote along with links to the websites I used, Boston Terrier Cost Article.

Boston Terrier Owner Survey

Here are the results from the Boston Terrier Owner Survey I conducted:

Average Cost$646.60
Max Cost$1,500.00
Lowest Cost$200.00

It is important to note that I was only able to pull data from 26 of the 50 respondents. The reaming 24 respondents were not counted because a few of the respondents were foreign, and I did not do the currency conversion. While the others were either given their Boston, or born from another Boston they owned, or they rescued a Boston at no cost.

My Experience

Emily and I bought Bella for $350.00 from a breeder in Springfield, Missouri. Bella is a purebred and registered. The reason we wanted to make sure Bella was registered is that we planned on breeding her; however, we never did.

Honestly, if you do not plan on breeding your Boston or plan to take her to shows, there is no reason for registration. And typically, having a registered dog just means higher prices.

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are great pets. However, they are not for everyone. Just like a bird is an excellent pet for some, I would hate having a bird. You will need to assess whether a Boston fits your personality and temperament. If a Boston does mirror you with their nature, chances are it would be the right pet for you.

Be sure to take this quiz to see if a Boston Terrier is right for you…Should I Get A Boston Terrier Quiz?

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