Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train? 100+ Owners Speak Out

Are you thinking about getting a Boston Terrier but curious as to how trainable they are?

No matter if you have had your Boston for years or you just got a new puppy, this lovable breed is easy to train.

Are Boston Terriers Easy to train

I recently was asked this question by someone on YouTube, so I decided to ask hundreds of other Boston owners on Facebook and Twitter, and here is what I found out…

Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train?

Yes, Boston Terriers are very easy to train because they are an intelligent breed who enjoys mental stimulation in addition to having a desire to please their owners. This combination makes the Boston a very easy dog to train.

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The Inside Scoop On How Easy It Is To Train A Boston Terrier

First, the American Kennel Club recognizes the Boston Terrier as a breed that is eager to please its owner as well as outgoing. 

This combination makes the Boston Terrier the perfect trainable breed. Your Boston wants to make you happy.

Since your Boston wants to do nothing more than please you, it is imperative you use positive training and do not yell or punish your Boston. 

Your Boston is a very sensitive dog.

What other owners say about training their Boston Terrier?

To help you with your decision on choosing a dog based on its ease of trainability. I have asked two of the Boston Terrier Society Community’s to give their opinion.

Twitter – Are Boston Terrier Easy To Train

I ran a Twitter poll asking the community there, “Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train?” The overwhelming response was yes. 

Out of 82 votes, 79% said Boston Terriers are easy to train. 

Facebook – Are Boston Terriers Easy To Train

Rather than doing a poll on Facebook, I decided to get some feedback and reactions from Boston Terrier owners. 

There were over 200 comments from owners on the trainability of Boston Terriers. 

Here is what 10 of the owners said…

  • Pat, We have Hank and Fred from the same litter. They were very eager to learn and to please. They were a little older than a year and a half and become pet therapy certified. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Nick, Every dog is different. The breed in itself is well known for being easier to train, but that doesn’t mean they all are. BT’s are generally very intelligent. You have to be steady with what you teach them because they can be stubborn. That’s like the double-edged sword of having an intelligent dog. Sometimes they’re too smart for their own good. Whatever you put into training your pup is what you’ll get out. They’re wonderful dogs.
  • Nancy, Any dog, is easy to train; it depends how much effort the owner puts into there pet. 🐾❤️🐾🤗 Repetition and reward is the key. 🐾❤️
  • Donna, Absolutely they are. Mine rings the bells hanging from the door to be let out for the bathroom. They roll over, sit, speak, sit at the table, and my oldest sing when we sing happy birthday.
  • Rhonda, Our other Boston’s were so easy the one now, heck NO I have hired trainer 3 times. This one is just so stubborn. She’s smart as a whip just stubborn. I did inherit her, she was my mother’s dog, and after she passed, she regressed and has been a challenge for 5 years now. ❤
  • Pamma, My Bailey has been the easiest puppy to house train of all the dogs we’ve had. He was completely trained at 3 1/2 months old. He has picked up everything I’ve tried to teach him very quickly. Since he’s my first Boston, I’m not sure if they’re all like this.
  • Elizabeth, Yes, very smart dogs. When Corbett was small. He knew when it was time for him to go in his cage. When Mommy and Daddy had to go to work. Now’s he is older; he doesn’t need a cage.
  • Rachel, Mine is a year old and knows all of his basic commands. I think it was pretty easy!
  • Shawn, Yes! All they need are treats, and you can get them to do anything. They love to please.
  • Maryjean, Yes, and no. They can be stubborn but are very smart. I’ve found females to be more difficult to housebreak. We had them growing up…and I still do.

To read more opinions from this post, be sure to check out the comments here, Are Boston Terrier Easy To Train Post.

training a boston terrier to sit
Emily having Bella sit.

How Emily and I did behavioral training with my Boston at 8 years old.

No matter the age, Boston Terriers can quickly be re-trained or trained for the first time at any period in their life. 

For example, Emily and I had to do some behavioral training with Bella at the age of 8 years old when our daughter was born.

Bella, for 8 years, had lived with just Emily and me. Understandably, when we brought a baby into the home Bella become a little nervous around Sofia, especially when she started yelling and being able to reach for things.

It became apparent we had to do something when Bella nipped at Sofia when Sofia was yanking on her skin (Yes, Sofia shouldn’t be pulling on the dog, but we wanted to ensure something like this would not occur again).

What we did for behavioral training

Emily and I chose to follow Cesar Milan’s methods for behavioral training. 

I know some people are against his training methods, which is fine. You just need to find and use a technique that works best for you and your family and stick with it.

What Emily and I liked about Cesar was his information was FREE, we checked out his book at the local library. And second, his methods made sense to us.

The key to Bella’s success is consistency, consistency, consistency. Without consistency, you will never be able to train your Boston Terrier to do anything.

Here is Cesar’s book we used.

What is the best way to train a Boston Terrier?

The best way to train a Boston Terrier, as well as any dog, in my opinion, is positive reinforcement. 

Like I’ve said before, Emily and I have used positive reinforcement with Bella as well as Cesar Milans pack leader approach to training a dog.

I’m not a professional dog trainer, but I see these two approaches as one and the same. In both training methods, you only acknowledge good behavior.

You want to praise your dog rather than scold them.

If your Boston does something good, reward them in some way a treat, belly rub, even the click of a button.

However, if your dog does something undesirable, you ignore the bad behavior.

What can you train a Boston Terrier to do?

I think the real question is, what can you NOT train your Boston Terrier to do. Here are some things you can teach your dog.

Teach Your Boston How-To Shake

Teach Your Boston How To Sit

Should I sign my Boston Terrier up for obedience class?

That is a personal decision only you can make. If you are wanting to do any kind of obedience training, I recommend using a platform where you are the one training your own dog.

Yes, the training can be led by an instructor, but you personally are the one actually giving your Boston the commands.

This way, your Boston learns to take commands and ques from you rather than the professional trainer.

If you are looking at doing your own training. I once again recommend Cesar Milan’s book Cesar’s Way, check out my review of the book here on this site, Cesar’s Way Book Review.


If you want to do an online virtual dog training program with an instructor, you can talk to and get feedback from. Check out K9 Virtual Academy

Here is an interview I did with the founder of the company.

Final thoughts…

Boston Terriers are really easy to train. This breed is ready to please you, and if you apply consistent training, you will find they pick up on things very quickly.

The key to easy training for a Boston Terrier is consistency!

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In the group, we share photos, thoughts, and stories. As well as have contests with prizes and more!

boston terrier community

This is a fun and friendly group. Feel free to pose any question you have about your Boston Terrier.

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