Personal Review Of Owning A Boston Terrier: Donnie

My personal story and review of owning Bella, my Boston Terrier. I hope this will give you a better idea of what to expect when owning a Boston Terrier.

If you already have a Boston I hope you can laugh and relate to some of these questions and answers.

Boston Terrier Owners Review
Sofia, Samuel, and Bella

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What Is Your Boston’s Name?


How Old Is Your Boston?

Bella is 10 years old.

What Do You Do For Exercise? How Long Do You Exercise Your Boston?

These days Bella’s only exercise comes from walks with the family. In the summer months, we will go for walks for an hour at a time. In the winter months, we are lucky to get a 15-minute walk in.

We need to get better about finding indoor activities Bella can do to release some energy and keep her healthy.

Does Your Boston Terrier Drool?

Yes and No. No, Bella does not drool all the time. The only time she does drool is when she is starving (all the time) and wants some food, Emily, and I are eating. 

Or another good example is when Bella is waiting for Sofia to feed her. Sofia, my two-year-old daughter, will take her time feeding Bella. And as Bella waits patiently, a puddle develops under Bella.

Video of Bella drooling

Does Your Boston Terrier Smell?

Yes, there for a while, we were giving Bella a bath weekly and washing her bedding. She was still a little stinky even when we had that routine going.

Is Your Boston Easy To Train?

Bella has been very easy to train. When we had Sofia, we thought we might have to get rid of Bella. There was an incident were Sofia had grabbed Bella’s side and squeezed then pulled.

This obviously hurt Bella pretty bad and her natural reaction was to nip at Sofia since Bella could not get away from Sofia’s death grip. 

Here Is What We Did About It

Emily and I talked to our veterinarian about the ordeal, and he gave us an ultimatum, train Bella or get rid of her. We decided to do a little DIY behavioral training using Cesar Millan’s videos and books like Cesar’s Way. Check out my Cesar’s Way review.

Bella picked up on this type of training in no time, and it has helped in several ways. Bella no longer pulls on walks, at least when Emily is walking her. Emily is the leader of the pack, lol. 

Also, Bella now knows to go to her spot in the house when company comes over. Before this, Bella would run and jump up on people.

I highly recommend using Cesar’s techniques for your dog!

Does Your Boston Have Separation Anxiety?

Yes, Emily and I didn’t realize this until we came home unannounced one day. We were surprised to find Bella howling when we walked up the stairs to our house. 

Usually, when we left, Bella would act cool and calm. However, once we had left the area, she would freak out.

How Long Do You Leave Your Boston Alone For The Day? What Do You Do When You Leave?

When Emily and I were both working full-time, Bella would be left alone from 7:45 am to 6:00 pm, and some days from 7:45 to 8:00 pm when I was in grad school, and Emily worked twelve-hour shifts as a nurse.

Boston Terrier Owners Review
We are leaving Bella. Please be good 🙂

Our Routine

We had a routine when we left Bella alone. First, we picked up anything she could eat like trash and sealed bags of food. Yes, sealed bags of food. I don’t know how she smells it, but she does.

Then we would leave a puppy pad on the floor so she could do her business. And the last thing we would do is turn on the t.v. for background noise.

Younger vs. Older

One thing to mention was when Bella was younger, we used to crate her when we left for the day. But, when Bella turned, about five years old, we started quarantining her to the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas.

This gave her some freedom, and I think it helped with the separation anxiety.

How Does Your Boston Do Around Other Adults And Kids?

Bella does fine around both kids and other adults. However, we usually put her in another room when we have friends over who do not care for dogs.

We do this because Bella does jump up on people when she gets really excited, but this has gotten a million times better since we implemented techniques from Cesar Millan. 

The reason Bella jumps up on people is that she wants to be the center of attention with being petted and loved on.

Does Your Boston Shed?

Yes, but not much. Since Bella is older, she definitely sheds more than she did when she was younger. At any given time, if you run your hand down Bella’s back, you will get some hair sticking to your hand. 

Do You Have Other Pets? If So Does Your Boston Get Along With Them?

Emily and I personally do not have any other pets, but our family does. When Bella goes over to Emily’s parents, Bella does great around her parent’s dogs. 

However, these are the only dogs Bella gets along with. Bella does not get along with my sisters two dogs or dogs we pass on the street…unless it is another Boston lol. 

I think the reason Bella gets along with Emily’s parent’s dogs is that Bella has been around them since she was 8 weeks old.

Does Your Boston Bark, If So When?

Bella only barks when three things happen. She wants food, attention, or there is someone at the door. I really like this because she is not one of those dogs who bark while on walks.

Bella’s barking for treats and attention only happens at night, and if you send her to her bed, it allows her to reset and stop the barking. 

Does Your Boston Bite?

No. However, Bella did nip at Sofia’s head when she was around 9 months old, approximately.

The reason for the nip is because Sofia grabbed Bella really hard and would not let go. There was no blood, just a little red mark on Sofia’s forehead.

Who Do You Think Would Benefit From Owning A Boston Terrier?

Now that my dad is older and living by himself, I think single retired people could really benefit from a Boston Terrier. This breed loves companionship and the company of others. If you are home all day and love to cuddle, a Boston is excellent.

Yet, Bella has been a great family dog to my family of four. So if you want a dog who is small, sturdy, smart, and cuddly, a Boston would be a good fit as well.

Did You Get Your Boston From A Breeder; Friend; Pet Store; Rescue?

Emily and I bought Bella from a breeder.

How Much Did You Spend On Your Boston?

We paid $350 for Bella in 2009. We bought her from a breeder in Springfield, Missouri. Bella is registered. We wanted a registered Boston because we thought we would breed her, but that never happened.

What Is The Best Memory You Have Of Your Boston?

I think the most vivid memories I have are coming home from work, and the garbage can would be tipped over with trash all over the house lol. 

When Sofia and I came back home after being away for a couple of hours.

My most favorite memory is when we first bought Bella. The drive to pick Bella up took about two hours one way. When we first got her in the car, she could almost fit in my hand. I remember stopping at Bass Pro Shop in Springfield and taking Bella inside. Everyone wanted to pet the tiny little puppy.

Why Did You Decide To Get A Boston?

Honestly, Emily was the one who did all the research into what kind of dog to get. Emily personally wanted a smaller dog like a Frenchie. I wanted a big dog that I could go running with, even a lab would have been great. 

We “settled” on a Boston Terrier for several reasons. It was a small breed but big enough to go running with…even though I went running with her only a handful of times.

We liked the Boston breed because they shed less than other breeds. However, we were under the impression that they did not shed at all when we got Bella. Yes, they do shed but not nearly as much as other breeds like Huskies. 

The other reason is their personality. What Emily and I could find online in 2009 was a bunch of forums talking about their energy and demeanor…we loved it.

How Big Is Your Boston?

I haven’t weighed Bella since her last vet visit, but I think she weighed 22 or 24 pounds. There was a time she weighed around 28, maybe 30 pounds. When Bella was weighting that heavy, the veterinarian had us limit her portion size.

Is Your Boston Registered With American Kennel Club Or Other Organizations?

Yes, Bella is registered with the American Kennel Club.

What Kind Of Food Do You Feed Your Boston?

We feed Bella Blue Buffalo Salmon. Bella has a grain allergy, so we had to find a grain-free dog food. Today there are a bunch of dog foods available that are grain-free.

Here is my review of Blue Buffalo Salmon, Blue Buffalo Review.

Does Your Boston Have Any Medical Conditions Or Allergies?

Yes, Bella has an allergy to grain. She did not develop this allergy until, approximately, three years old. Bella started losing hair, and her belly was really pink and itchy.

We gave her Benadryl for a while, but the problem persisted. We ended up taking her to the vet and did some tests that resulted in her having a food allergy.

Once we put Bella on the grain-free diet, she has had no issues.

How Would You Rate Your Boston’s Energy Levels?

Bella’s energy levels are pretty low throughout the day. Then once it is evening time, she is ready to play. Even though Emily and I do not get to do this every day, a simple 30-minute walk would really help Bella burn off pent up energy.

When Bella was younger, she had a lot more energy, and at night around 9:00 pm, she would go crazy running from room to room, around the couch, into the kitchen. Apparently, this is a Boston thing called zoomies.

Video Of A Boston Terrier Doing Zoomies

Is Your Boston Terrier A Chewer?

When Bella was under a year old, yes. But now that she is older, no. The only time Bella chews on something now is if she can tip over the trash can.

We have had to replace the following items because of Bella’s chewing…

  • $140 pair of women’s dress sandals (Emily’s sister’s sandals)
  • $90 pair of women’s sandals (Emily’s friend)
  • $80 Mac Computer charger (My computer charger)
  • $20 box of protein bars
  • Countless other bags and boxes of food…even a tub of Crisco!

These are the big items I can remember.

How Would You Describe Your Boston’s Personality?

Bella is calm and kind of lazy. She spends a lot of time sleeping. Yet, there are about two hours out of the day where she wants to be up doing something. This could be hanging out with us or playing. 

She is generally happy and playful.

Should I Get A Boston Terrier Quiz
Me and Bella

Final thoughts…

I hope you liked this Boston Terrier owner review. My goal is to have more of these coming out throughout the year to help prospective and new Boston Terrier owners.

Please check out other articles I have written as well as the Boston Terrier Society YouTube Channel.

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Donnie Gardner

Donnie Gardner is the owner of the Boston Terrier Society. He has been raising Bella the Boston since 2010. He resides in Kansas with his wife, daughter, and Bella. His favorite activities are hanging out with family, traveling, running (but has bad knees), and reading non-fiction books.

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