15 Surprisingly Simple Things That Will P!$% Off Your Dog!

Do you want to enrage your four-legged buddy? We’re sure you don’t – but if making a dog mad is on your agenda, then here’s something that might be of interest.

Believe it or not, there are surprisingly simple things that will drive your beloved pup up the wall!

Read along with this blog post for a humorous look at some weird and wacky ways to annoy your furry companion – be sure to watch the hilarious videos!

Things That Will Make Your Dog Mad

Before we get into the things that will make your dog mad, I first want to cover the important information, like whether it is possible for dogs to actually get mad.

Is it possible for dogs to get mad?

Yes, but not in the way you think. Our furry friends simply live in the moment and what looks like anger to us is actually a more basic emotion like joy, fear, or anxiety that is coming out of them.

What you are about to read in this post is nothing more than your dog having a mini fear or anxiety episode…nothing like true anger or being mad.

What do dog owners have to say about dog anger?

According to dog owners, yes, dogs can get angry or mad.

In order to better settle the question of whether or not dogs get angry or mad, we decided to do a survey on our YouTube and Twitter communities. When we asked, Does your dog get angry or mad, here is what we found out.

YouTube Poll:

According to our YouTube poll, 56% of 261 dog owners say yes, their dog does in fact, get angry or mad.

Twitter Poll:

With our Twitter poll, we had 43 respondents as of this article being posted, and 51% said their dog gets angry or mad.

Now on to the good stuff!…

15 Easy Ways To Make A Dog Mad

If you’ve owned a dog for more than a year, then I’m sure you have experienced an upset pooch when one of these things happens.

1. Bringing A New Puppy Home

Watch this video where an older Golden Retriever is not happy about a new puppy…

Bringing a new puppy home can be a joyous occasion, but not for your current four-legged companion! Dogs are very territorial and naturally protective of their home, so they will see the other dogs as intruders – no matter how welcoming you might be.

It’s best to prepare your dog by introducing them to the new dog ahead of time and allowing them to explore the space together. Even if they don’t become BFFs immediately, it will help make your oldest canine more comfortable with the idea of having a strange dog over to their house lol.

Just remember: you may have added one furry family member, but all existing fur babies need to be transitioned carefully too!

2. When you put them on a diet

Watch this French Bulldog get mad after being put on a diet, try not to laugh because it is pretty funny.

Dieting is hard enough for humans, but it doesn’t have to be that way for dogs too. When a dog starts being deprived of their favorite snacks and meals, they become understandably irked with their new dietary rules.

Though it’s important to keep your dog healthy by feeding them the best quality food, they may get a bit snippy if you take away all their delicious treats and fatty goodness.

They will most likely give you an adorable puppy pout to try and bring you back to your bad habits of giving them some extra added calorie indulgence!

3. Their own feet

Watch this dog get upset about its own foot! This pooch thinks its foot is going to take its bone.

Dogs are truly comical creatures, sometimes even managing to surprise their owners with the strange antics they come up with! In particular, one can find themselves quite amused if a pup gets mad at its own foot, thinking it is an intruder.

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4. Vacuum the house

Yes, the near site of the vacuum can cause most dogs to get mad. Watch this Jack Russel Terrier get very upset about this vacuum!

Vacuuming the house can be a surefire way to drive your dog mad! The noise of a vacuum cleaner is an unpleasant experience for your pup that can scare and startle them, and the sensation from the air it expels can be unpleasant.

So next time you need to tidy up, try not to forget about how vacuuming might affect your dog and prepare accordingly by either removing them from the room when you turn on that vacuum or giving them some well-deserved treats while you clean—it’ll definitely help keep their stress levels down.

5. Give them a bath

Watch this dog talk about his bad bath experience, plus many more pups not liking the bath!

Nothing can test a dog’s patience like having to take a bath! With my own dog nothing provides her with more stress than being placed in the bathtub waiting for the water to be turned on! When I start to put water on my dog’s face she looks as though she could slap me lol

So next time you give your dog a bath, be sure to have their favorite treat and toy to make them happy!

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6. When you hug your significant other

Watch this Golden Retriever get upset when he is not involved in the hug as well…

Affection for your significant other may verge on a crime if you can’t keep your canine companion involved. We all know how special those cuddles and hugs are with the one you love.

However, it can be easy to forget that furry family members do want in on that public display of affection too! Dogs can get jealous over attention and they love being in your personal space, so the best rule to avoid lasting impacts is to make sure they get some recognition and attention when you express love with others.

As much as they may seem like third-wheelers at first, bringing them into the fold might just keep things peaceful!

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7. Ignore Them When They Want Your Attention

Dogs are famously known for being very social creatures, and they enjoy it when we are paying attention to them, just like children do. When we ignore them, it can be like a punch to the gut!

They may show their disappointment in different ways – some might look offended or show aggressive behavior, while others might try to figure out ways to get us to love again.

Ultimately, what many dogs really hate is being ignored, just like most humans.

Watch this video where a dog parent gives their pup a bit of the cold shoulder, don’t worry at the end he gives him lots of love…

8. When your dog doesn’t want to move from their spot!

Watch this pooch get so upset when his toy falls out of reach for him! I think every human can relate to this one…

9. When you take them to the dentist

Watch this dog’s disappointment in having been to the dentist. He won’t even look at his beloved human…

It’s true that many dogs can be scared of going to the dentist. Just like humans, dog teeth are subject to bacteria buildup if left unchecked; and for some hounds, just the mere sight of a toothbrush is enough to terrify them!

While your dog might think it is wrong you should try to brush their teeth every single day.

Over 80% of dogs over the age of three have active dental disease.

~VCA Animal Hospitals

10. Be on your phone when they need you

Dogs hate it when we’re not giving them the attention they deserve. Dogs want our loving, undivided attention, and when that focus shifts to electronics, they can’t help but feel ignored.

So remember to spend quality time with your dog rather than next to them on your phone and watch your dog’s eyes light up!

Watch this dog take action when his human is paying too much attention to his phone…

11. Play with another dog

Playing with another dog in full view of your four-legged friend can easily send them into a jealous frenzy – barking wildly and growling at the interloper are not uncommon occurrences!

Watch this pet parent give some love to one of their dogs while the other pup gets upset…

12. Leave for work

For dog owners, the morning routine involves some ups and downs – mainly for their furry friends. As soon as you grab your keys, get dressed, and prepare to step out the door, your loyal dog greets you with no words but a sense of understanding that you’re not just walking around the block, and here comes the madness or, in this case below pure sadness…

13. Take them to the veterinarian

Watch this dog get upset when his owner finally reveals on their drive that he is going to the Vet!…

Many dog owners can relate to the feeling of dread that rushes over them when they realize it’s time for yet another trip to the vet. Just like humans who would much rather stay in bed than get up early, dogs often demonstrate an emotional reluctance when they realize a visit to the vet is imminent.

Dogs’ sometimes-less-than-enthusiastic reactions serve as a reminder that even our four-legged friends don’t always enjoy their regular checkups!

14. Tell them no

It’s a well-known fact among pet owners worldwide that if you tell your pup “no!” that their facial expression will immediately become pouty, and their ears and head will drop to match! Dogs are very sensitive, so it’s important to make sure that any scolding is done gently and lovingly.

Even then, more likely than not, they’ll still be mad at you for a bit! Trust us, you don’t want to know what happens when dogs get really mad. So be gentle and show them the love they truly deserve!

Watch how this Bulldog reacts after his owner told him no…

15. Not letting your dog sniff and explore on walks

Taking your dog out for a walk doesn’t just serve as exercise, it’s a mental and olfactory stimulation as well! Allowing your pup to take in every essence of the great outdoors is so important to their emotional well-being – it’s like smelling joy if you can imagine that.

Not being able to properly explore is equivalent to teasing dogs. They might become frustrated with their daily walks and begin pulling this way or that, not understanding why you will only let them ‘go there’ or ‘smell over there’ – and maybe even give you a look like “really?! I don’t get it!”.

Letting your fur-buddy take control of the tight leash for once to explore the world might make them happy and content, rather than feeling agitated and unsatisfied.

What are signs that your dog is mad at you?

Here are nine signs that your dog may be mad at you:

  • Excessive barking
  • Growling
  • Growling in combination with baring teeth
  • Refusal to obey commands
  • Avoiding eye contact with you
  • Even small acts of aggression like nipping or snapping
  • Pacing around the room
  • Refusing to take treats from you
  • Body language changes

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What you can do if your dog is mad at you?

If you are worried your dog is mad at you, here are some things you can do provide them with mental stimulation, exercise, training, spend time with them, or simply create structure in their life.

-Mental Stimulation:

Shifting your dog’s attention to something other than why they are upset can change their frame of mind. You can provide this mental stimulation through playing games like frisbee, building an obstacle course for them, so they have to move around and think, or giving them a Kong with peanut butter to work on.


Exercise is the key to keeping any dog happy—and it’s definitely a great way to keep them from being mad at you! Exercising your dog on a regular basis is an easy way to make sure they stay happy and healthy. Plus, it can get all that excess energy out of your dog’s body and stop them from acting out because they are bored or upset with you.

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Training your dog doesn’t only keep them from destroying your furniture and embarrassing you in front of company; it can also stop them from being mad at you! Training helps to establish boundaries and promote understanding between you and your furry friend. Plus, once trained, you can show off their cuteness in front of all your friends without worrying about whether or not they’ll start humping Aunt Sheila’s leg during game night.

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-Spend Time With Them:

For those experiencing a dog-deficit from their canine companions, spending time with your dog can be an amazing way to connect and increase your feelings of joy. Some things you can easily do to spend time with them include walks, watching movies in your arms, or simply being present in their life.

Note that touching your dog releases the feel good hormone oxytocin. It boosts bonding in both humans and our canine counterparts… so maybe that’s why they seem extra cuddly and loving— they are reaping the oxytocin rewards too!

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-Providing Structure:

For dogs, it’s always important to provide some structure in their life. Without any boundaries or expectations, our dogs might feel like they can do whatever they want. But having clear rules and expectations in place makes life a lot better for everyone involved.

You can easily start to build structure in your dog’s world by feeding them at the same time each day, taking them for potty breaks at the same time each day, or simply going on a walk for exercise at the same time each day.

What dog breeds get mad easily?

Certain dog breeds are known to have shorter tempers and be more prone to getting mad. These dog breeds typically have a high prey drive, so they may get mad easily when they see something that looks like prey or something that excites them.

Breeds like German Shepherds, Jack Russell Terriers, Huskies, Rottweilers, and Bull Terriers are all known to have shorter tempers.

Dogs of these breeds will need extra care when it comes to socialization and obedience training in order to help them stay calm and maintain good behavior.

Final Thoughts

Dogs can get mad for a variety of reasons. Some dogs get mad when they’re left alone, some when their owners don’t give them enough attention, and some when they’re just plain ol’ hungry.

If you think your dog is getting mad too often, take a look at your own behavior and see if there’s anything you can change to make your dog happier.

If you are ready to make your dog happy read this article where Boston Terrier parents talk about what they do to make their dog happy: How To Make A Dog Happy!

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